20 Ways to Getting Rid of Ladybugs

What Are Ladybugs?

Are you afraid of tiny little ladybugs inside your homes or backyard areas? Well, we are here to tell you all about these little creatures. If you want to get rid of ladybugs, keep on reading ahead.

Before we tell you anything about how to get rid of ladybugs, we will first tell you about what are ladybugs. You will also find out why do they enter residential areas in huge numbers. Next, you will find what are the qualities of these unique tiny creatures and how you can treat them.

What Are Ladybugs?

Ladybugs are a huge family of tiny little beetles. You can find them in forests, farm fields and even in the backyards of your house.

They are anywhere between 0.03 to 0.71 inches in size. This is why they are categorized as tiny, harmless creatures.

You can identify a ladybug by its attractive features. They are brightly colored bugs, like red, yellow or orange. They have black or red spots in their body. They also have antennas that help them in finding food.

There are many various species of ladybugs. The most common form of the ladybug is the Asian lady beetle. They are slightly different than a ladybug and are also harmful to humans.

If you have never seen a ladybug in real life and want to know how they look like and how small they are, then here are a few pictures of ladybugs:

What Are Ladybugs?

Why Do Ladybugs Enter Residential Areas?

Ladybugs like to live in green areas which are their natural habitat. You can also find them in wet areas, like ponds in rainforests.

However, ladybugs can also enter your homes if they are given the same atmosphere as their natural habitats.

You will find them on warmer surfaces, like the walls or ceilings. You will notice a greater number of ladybugs in your homes during the late summers. Ladybugs do not like the cold weather. This is the reason why they hibernate in the winter time.

How Can You Know If They Have Entered Your House?

It is difficult to notice sooner whether ladybugs have entered your house or not. They are very tiny in size, but easier to notice if they are Asian lady beetles.

There are some noticeable appearances of these creatures that you should know. This will help in identifying the infestation of ladybugs in your house.

  1. The first one is that they can be found gathered in one corner of the house. (Walls and ceilings)
  2. Dead ladybug carcasses can also be found on window sills of the house.
  3. When ladybugs feel threatened, they will secrete their fluid. It is visible on window glass in the form of a yellow stain. There is also a foul smell.
  4. You will start feeling allergy build up inside your body. It can be in the form of nasal congestion, asthma or cough.
  5. Ladybugs like to feed on pollen or aphids. Having a big backyard will attract them near your house and maybe even inside.

Are you tired of reading? Here’s a beautiful picture of ladybugs on a green leaf:

What Are Ladybugs?

Are Ladybugs Dangerous to Humans?

By now, you must be wondering whether ladybugs are harmful or not. There are two types of ladybugs. One which is harmless and another which might bite you. It is quite easy to tell the difference between them.

Ladybugs that are harmless like to live in outdoor shelters. They also don’t like gathering in large numbers. This is the reason why they don’t bite and are considered safe around humans.

Ladybugs that are harmful and bite are called Asian lady beetles. They tend to bite humans when they feel threatened. They leave a pungent smell behind with a yellowish liquid. They also like to live indoors on warm surfaces. You will find them in your homes in large numbers together in one place.

If you want to see how Asian lady beetles look like, here are some photos of them:

how Asian lady beetles look like

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They also look like ladybugs but don’t get confused with both. Here’s how ladybugs look like compared to Asian lady beetles:

Ladybug vs Asian Beetles

The right picture is of an Asian lady beetle. It is slightly larger in size than a ladybug. It also has an “M” shape mark on the head. It has more black spots on the body compared to a ladybug.

The left picture is of a ladybug. It is smaller in size comparatively. It has one large black spot on its head.

You don’t have to worry about ladybugs bothering you inside your homes. It is the Asian lady beetles that you must be more worried about. They are the ones that like to enter homes in large amounts.

Are you still reading? If yes, then don’t leave as we are about to reveal how you can get rid of them in 20 ways.

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs?

There are numerous tips that you can consider to remove ladybug infestation from the house. As we are moving ahead, make sure that you have proper knowledge of ladybugs before you take this step.

This will help in easily getting rid of them without any harm being caused to you or your family members.

  1. Make a Garden of Your Own

Having your own garden will help in killing the aphids that are grown out in your garden. Ladybugs will feed on them and form their residence over their only.

  1. Keep the Temperatures of the House as Low as Possible

Ladybugs do not like cold weather. This is why they will find warmer places, like our homes to hibernate. Try to keep the air-conditioning working well inside your house. This will keep them outside the house.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

There is no harm in constantly checking the corners or gaps around the house. During winters, make sure that once you notice them in your house, remove them as quickly as possible.

  1. Use a Vacuum to Suck them Away

As soon as you notice a large family of ladybugs inside your house, use a vacuum. This is the quickest way possible to remove them. Make sure you empty the vacuum after sucking them to avoid them getting out of it.

  1. Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder

This powder is best for killing ladybugs. Spread it across the floors of the house. It is non-toxic to humans and pets.

  1. Buy Mum Plants or Plant them

Keep mum plants on the windows or entrance of the house. These plants have flea powder. This will keep the bugs far away.

  1. Buy Whole Spice Bay Leaves

Ladybugs do not like the scent of these leaves. Plant them around the house especially on the entrance of the backyard from the house.

  1. Use Cloves

Cloves should also be placed in bags around the house. The smell keeps the ladybugs away.

  1. Use Citrus Scent Sprays

Ladybugs don’t like the smell of citrus. Make a citrus spray at home or buy one from the market. Spray it around the house to leave a nice scent.

  1. Paint the Walls of the House with Dark Colors

Who doesn’t love a nice dark colored home? Ladybugs like light-colored houses which is why they enter your homes. Paint the walls dark and enjoy the ambiance ladybug free.

  1. Use a Black-light trap

You can buy ready-made black-light traps from the store. This will help in catching them easily without applying extra efforts.

  1. DIY Insecticides

Make an oil spray at home using vegetable oil and mild soap. This will easily kill ladybugs.

  1. Use Adhesive Traps

Make a glue trap with corn syrup. Apply it on cardboard and keep it where the ladybugs have gathered.

  1. Seal Gaps

Use good quality tape to seal gaps. This will remove entrances of ladybugs in the house.

  1. Use the Aluminum Net on Windows

It is important to let fresh air inside the house. Use nets on windows to let only air in instead of ladybugs or other insects.

  1. Buy a Ladybug House

Ladybug houses can be purchased online. These are needed in winters mostly. These can be set in the garden to give them the warmth that they find in our homes.

  1. Keep the Floors Clean

Leaving food particles on the floor attracts bugs. Swipe the floor clean and check regularly.

  1. Wash Infested Area with Bleach and Water

Use a 1:2 ratio bleach-water combination. This will remove any dirt left behind by the ladybug.

  1. Use Chemical Sprays

Purchase strong chemical sprays from the store. This can be sprayed on the ladybugs to kill them instantly.

  1. Hire Pest Control Management (PMP)

This is the best option as these are true professionals. They know better ways to handle ladybugs.


With all the information above, you finally know all about ladybugs. They are tiny creatures that enter the home when given the right atmosphere to live. Make sure you don’t harm yourself while getting rid of ladybugs.

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