Asian Beetles VS Ladybugs – Get Rid of Them Naturally

Asian Beetles VS Ladybugs

If you are looking for Asian Beetles VS Ladybugs, then you are at the right place, they are the families who belong to Coccinellidae. Asian Beetles look like ladybugs. Asian beetles are giant than ladybugs. They have around and long oval shape; they are in bright red with black spots on their wings. While ladybugs are smaller than Asian beetles and they have red-orange mixing color shade. The ladybugs may have black spots or may not have spots. They have oval or round in shape.

Asian Beetles VS Ladybugs

Asian Beetles VS Ladybugs

Ladybugs can fly having six legs. They can’t harm you if they sit on you while flying. While Asian ladybugs can harm you, later on, I will explain how to get rid of Asian beetles and ladybugs and also how to detect them. You just read this article till the end.

They mostly found in

  • North America
  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Pakistan

But they often found in your gardens and homes mostly in summers when the temperature is not cold. In winter they search for shelter that they can spend the winter there. If you have seen them in your homes in winter, they are most likely be Asian beetles, not ladybugs.

How to Detect? Asian Beetles VS Ladybugs

Let’s talk about how to detect this insect in home, gardens, and yards. There are some methods to detect them:

1-Consider the time of Year

Ladybugs can often found in late summer or the spring season. In winter, they used to live their shelters, and when the temperature gets normal, they came out.  They can’t harm you. You don’t worry if you have found on you.

2-You’ve seen ladybugs on or in your home

It’s not hard to find them at home. You probably have seen them. You can easily find them on windows, on cracks walls and ceiling places. They usually live in a group. You can see them gathered in ceiling gaps.

You remember that they don’t harm a human. They do not spread diseases and transmit bacteria. Even after the death, the dead ladybugs can’t harm you.  In winter they live in their shelters, and in summer and spring, they came out and flew anywhere.

3- You’ve spotted Yellow Stains on Light-Colored Surfaces

When Ladybugs scared they may emit pigment liquid light yellow colored surfaces from their legs. If you see the yellow colored pigmentation in your houses, it may be from ladybugs.

4- You Allergies Have Been Acting up

You can get allergies from ladybugs. These allergies are like cats and dog allergies. This disease is now increasing day by day because the ladybugs live in a large number of groups. They can affect you if their shelters are in your homes.

These allergy symptoms are a suffocating nose, cough, asthma, and conjunctivitis. It will cause infection to other persons. You should treat as soon as you see the symptoms.

5- You Have All Right Conditions to Attack Ladybugs

Ladybugs are different from other insects. They don’t want to steal food from your kitchens.  All they need to find a place for their shelter to spend winter. They wouldn’t destroy your yards, but they will find there a place to stay for winter. There are some specific foods that they love to eat. So let me know you what foods they like?

  • They like to eat Aphids, Pollen and other insect pests.

If there is no big garden, don’t worry, you should have some plants, these can also interact with them to live.

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How to Get Rid of Ladybugs Naturally

If you want to get rid of this insect without spraying harsh chemicals, then you are at right place. Because here I am going to tell some naturals ways to get rid of these insects.

If you heard from someone that these insects are hard to get out, it’s true, but you don’t need to worry. Let’s talk about the ways to get away from them:

The Vacuum Method

A very most easy method to get rid of insects. You have to vacuum them up before vacuum up the ladybugs confirm that the vacuum trash will empty, so they don’t outflow.

Diatomaceous Earth

If you want to kill ladybugs with Diatomaceous Earth (DE for Short) then you have to follow the following one step:

  • You have to spray DE substance on windows, ceiling place, cracks, the entrance of your home, and gaps that ladybug can enter through.

This substance is toxic free to humans and pets as well. The result is excellent according to your choice. This substance of DE can clean up your home and yards too. It will also kill other insects like ants, roaches, fleas, vermin, etc.

Sweep Them Away

You can also kill ladybugs by sweeping them away. For this, you have to use a broom to shove big groups of ladybugs out the window.

You have to it with care. Because sometimes it can emit yellow liquid as I told earlier, which can mark your floor, windows, and furniture.

Make a Ladybug Black Light Trap

Another best way to get rid of ladybugs to make a black light trap to kill them. All need is to have massive black lights and make a lamp. You can also make black lamp yourself. There are so many videos on the internet to make your lamps. Watch a video and go ahead.

How to use this trap?

You have to put a black lamp where ladybugs are active. Make sure you turn on the black light. As I told above these beetles will be attracted to lights, and slowly they will move into the lamp that has milk jug in it. And you can easily trap these beetles and kill them.

This trap is not expensive. You have all the material in your home all ready to make a lamp. So this is the best choice for you.

Make Your Own Natural Insecticide

There are so many highly toxic methods to get rid of ladybugs, but here, I will tell you How to make your natural insecticide:

There are so many ways to make naturalDIY insecticides out there, but I will tell you some easy and effective ones. Let’s begin!

  • Oil Spray

There are only two ingredients are used in this method.

  • The first one is Mild soap
  • And the second one is Vegetable oil

All you need to do that take one cup of vegetable oil and two teaspoons of mild soap. Mix it well and make a thin liquid. Now add water and again mix it. Put this liquid into a spray bottle and apply as needed.

  • Neem Oil Spray

This method is highly useful to get rid of beetles naturally. You have to take

  • Mild liquid soap
  • Neem oil
  • Water

Take a bowl and put two teaspoons of neem oil, add one teaspoon of mild liquid soap and one-quarter of water. Mix it well and put this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray near the place where ladybugs are most active. You can also spray this mixture into your garden to kill insects. This method will also be able to kill other plant pests.

These above methods are easy to make and easy to use as well. You can try them to see which method works well.

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How to Keep Ladybugs Out of Your House?

As now you well aware of how to detect ladybugs and how to get rid of them. But your first duty is to keep your house clean. All you know very well that prevention is better than treatment. So, firstly you should keep your houses very clean.

Steal Up Entryways

  • The very first step to keeping clean your house is that steal up any entryways that letting ladybugs or other insects in the house.
  • Furthermore, make sure there are no holes in windows and doors. If there are holes then fix it otherwise, it will be an entering point for bugs and other insects.
  • In summer you don’t let your windows open for the whole day because in this weather they are most active.
  • Fill the cracks and holes if you found them on your wall or the floor, roofs gaps between windows and walls. These gaps are an easy way for Asian lady beetle to get inside the house.
  • Last but not the least steal up entryways is essential to get away insects from your house. So take time to repair broken windows, fill the holes and crack gaps.

Build a Ladybug House

It’s interesting to hear that build a house for ladybug. If ladybugs are attractive to your yards, you can make a house by yourself for them to keep them outside from your home. There are so many websites available on the internet where you can purchase ladybug house online. These houses are good and protect them from predators.

It can be beneficial to keep ladybugs around but if you get rid of them then try a few methods as written above. I am sure it will surely work.

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