Baby Roaches – Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Baby Roaches


Have you noticed Baby Roaches in your home? What do you need to do? Are you get infestation from them? How should you do to deal with them? There are so many other questions if we seeing Baby Roaches near around us. The truth is you should not take lightly if you see them in your kitchen or house, they can spread severe infestation not only infestation you may deal with hundreds to thousands of more baby roaches if you not stop them.

What do you need to do? If you find out them then this article is for you. Here I explain to you everything about baby roaches such as what are baby roaches? How do they look like? Are they productive? How to deal with them? Why they are a sign of severe infestation?  How to get rid of them? You just follow me now.



Baby Roaches

Literally no one like baby roaches in homes. Before going to get rid of Baby Roaches then firstly you need to know what baby roaches are, how they look then which roaches’ type are you going to deal with.

Let’s get started!

What Do Baby Roaches Look Like?

Baby roaches are small in size having lighter in color than they are adult roaches, they are younger or nymphs. The nymphs have not certain features than an adult Roaches like they don’t have wings and stripes on their body. If you think they are just little babies then you should know that they are a sign of danger and severe infestation.

The nymphs when came out from the eggs they are small as 3mm normally white or grey in color gradually their color darken just in few hours. Their sizes vary in their types. However German roaches usually have a darker color than adults.

They take two to three months becoming an adult. They will shed its shell about six to seven times to fully grown, it also depends on the temperature where they are living.

The primary difference is baby roaches have not winged but adult roaches have.

Baby Roaches

Are Baby Roaches Productive?

In fact, cockroaches are highly productive, a clutch of cockroaches can lay 16 to 50 eggs at a time, it depends on categories which they belong.  There are many categories of roaches but if you found them in the home then they are American Cockroach or German cockroach.

American cockroaches live a life up to eighteen months. Each male-female pair of American roaches can produce up to sixteen baby roaches and in their lifetime, they can produce hundreds of baby roaches which turn into thousands and so on. While German cockroaches are more productive than American cockroaches and can lay up to fifty eggs at a time.

What Does A Baby Cockroach Look Like?

An adult cockroach flat body having an oval shape with two wings. They have small heads covered by pronotum. Their mouths are backward directed down. They have long six legs and spiny. They have special little pads let help them to walk across the ceiling, roofs, and walls.

Baby German Roaches

Moreover, they have two wings which help them to the fly.

Female roaches are greater than males in size. Some female species don’t have wings but males have.

Let me clear you them most common species in roaches:

  • Baby American cockroaches: They are reddish-brown in color and around 40mm in size on average.
  • Baby German Cockroaches: They are dark brown in color and around 13-14mm in size on average.
  • And baby Oriental Cockroaches: They are black in color and larger than German cockroaches.
  • Baby Pennsylvania wood roaches: They are tan in color having a length about 20mm on average.

How to Identify Baby Cockroaches Eggs?

If you want to get rid of roaches from its root then you should identify what cockroaches’ eggs look like. Have you noticed baby cockroaches are in your home then their nests are must be in the walls, cracks and in gaps?


A female cockroach lay eggs known as oothecae. A single ootheca can lay a large number of eggs and each is developed in a protein shell. This shell becomes harder by time to create a protective casing around the shell. Some female roaches lag eggs but most of them carry it with them until the eggs are set to flap.

Let’s talk about how to identify eggs of roaches:

Cockroaches Eggs

American Cockroach Eggs

A female American cockroach will hatch dark brown colored oothecae having a length about 8mm. During a lifetime, single female American cockroaches hatch between six to ninety times. They can carry their eggs for anywhere almost about a few hours to a few days. They find warm places to live, it would be your kitchen corners, laundry area and under cupboards. Moreover, they will hatch out their eggs in hidden locations.

Every ootheca consists of 15 embryos. All babies will come out from each ootheca in between 24 to 38 days.

German Cockroach Eggs

Another famous type of roaches is Germany cockroaches that laid brown colored eggs having length 6 to 9mm long. These types of female roaches keep inside eggs until they are ready to hatch out.

Every ootheca consists of up to 50 embryos and usually, it takes 103 days to get eggs out.

As German oothecae have almost 50 embryos so this type of roaches grows quickly. In homes, they are most invaded. You should care about them if you see them in your house before their infestation becomes a severe condition.

Brown-Banded Roach Eggs

This type of roaches has reddish in color having a length about 5mm. Brown-Banded female roaches make about 20 oothecae and each ootheca has 10 to 18 embryos.

It takes 4 to 6 months to grow nymphs of brown-banded roaches. This type of nymphs is easily noticeable because they are a yellow band on their abdomen.

Oriental Roaches Eggs

Another invaded type of roaches is oriental roaches that are dark reddish-brown in color having a length of about 8 to 10mm.

Each ootheca consists of 16 embryos. Nymphs take 600 days to grow up fully but its lengths usually developments basically dependent on the environment.

Baby Roaches Behavior

Now the time is to understand baby roach’s behavior. If you are taking steps to get rid of them you should understand how they react if you deal with them.

Baby roaches are not social insects but they live in groups. Interesting things is that about baby roaches, they make decisions about where to live.

I research and I found that about them, they have collective intelligence. If they make any decision, it will be based on individual roaches.

There is also a roach robot that leads the group to move from darker places to light places.

Why Baby Roaches Is A Sign of Severe Infestation?

Can baby roaches cause infestation?

I already told Baby roaches is a sign of severe infestation. Infestation can spread fast in your home because they are living in groups. Adult roaches are highly productive if you got them in your house then you are in danger. Baby and adult roaches can both cause damage.

If you see baby roaches then it is sure adult roaches are near and reproduce more baby roaches. You have to care for them if you don’t then it will be a risk to your health.

As they are highly productive. They can lay eggs up to 50 oothecae which oothecae can contain up to 20 embryos. Don’t wait. Sooner or later, you have to care.

Pro Tip to get rid of Baby Roaches

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  • It is easy to use
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Want to learn how to deal with roaches’ infestation? Then here I am going to tell you some best ways to tackle them permanently no matter whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

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10 Ways to Getting Rid of Baby Cockroaches for Good

If you are figuring out to get rid of baby cockroaches then here, I have made the best ways to keep them away from your kitchen, bathroom even bedroom. These below-listed methods are pretty simple to get the required result.

Here you go!

Fill Up Gaps, Cracks, And Holes:

You have to find small holes and cracks in your home. The cracks and small holes are the entry points for baby roaches. You have to carefully identify all cracks. It would be on house walls, baseboards, floors, steps, and decks, etc. You should check:

  • Molding and baseboard
  • Roofs
  • Interior and Exterior pipes
  • Decks
  • Under steps
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Windows and doors
  • Basement

The next step you should use a sealant or you can use a spray to steal up cracks and holes. How to fill the gaps?

  • You can use blocks for gaps that should be smaller than ½”, these blocks work well if the area is flexible to seal up or any visible required area that needed your most time such small gaps.
  • For bigger gaps, you should use foam that is bigger than ½” required those areas which are hard to reach or those areas where insulation is needed.

Keep Dry Your Home from Standing Water:

Every living being needs water to survive. So, there is a need don’t moist your home too much. As after food source, water is the second source to come inside and stay awhile. If you leave water in a sink or any other leaking faucets then you should clean it first and fix leakage things. This kind of insects is getting attract where water is. So, you should check and dry this kind of places regularly.

Keep Your Home Clean

If there are open food items available then you should know that cockroaches are very attractive in any kind of food sources so you should cover up this kind of items. If you are working in the kitchen then you should wipe off shelves and wash every dirty dish regularly on time. Cover your trash basket. Also be careful to clean up behind oven, refrigerator, stove, toaster to get rid of baby roaches.

There are some tips to keep home clean from roaches:

  • You should never leave open food. Keep food items covered
  • You should wash dirty dishes instantly and wasted scraps, food particles put into a trash
  • Moreover, you should take out the garbage trash regularly
  • You should clean carefully under appliance and behind the appliance
  • You should wipe out containers and jars in a week
  • And you should sweep and clean kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms regularly

Use the Roaches Trap

If you are going to deal with baby roaches then you can use roach trap such as glue traps. You have to find the places where they are active and place the trap at an exact location. You can place more than one traps near the place where they are most active.

Once you have found where the roaches are coming from, then you can use any killer powder or spray their entry points.

Get Some Borax

The next step you can take to get some borax. You have to clean every corner where the roaches are active. This is simple method after cleaning you can place the cleaner powder where they are likely to live like under appliances, cabinets, cupboards and kitchen counters.

Borax is not an immediate killer but this will work well to get eliminated of them.

As borax is much toxic so you should place it reaches out of children and pests.

Grab Boric Acid and Sugar

A very effective approach to keeping baby roaches away from your house to grab boric acid. What you should do? You have to take 2 to 3 teaspoons of boric acid and a little pinch of sugar. Mix it well and sprinkle it where you have seen a large number of roaches. You would see the result within hours. After a few hours, you should clean the dead roaches. As boric acid is toxic than borax you should place it out of reach children and pets.

How it will work?

The boric acid work against roaches to kill them while sugar will attract roaches.

When the roaches will come to find this mixture, this mixture dry out their exoskeleton, it will cause dehydrate their skin and they will die.

You should be careful about dead roaches because dead roaches are a food source other living roaches.

Use Cockroach Sprays

If you get a small infestation of insects in your home then use cockroach sprays. Before using spray, you should first identify the places where the roaches are coming from. After identified you can be used killer spray which is very inexpensive and everyone can afford. You should use this killer spray as much as you figured out areas such as cracks, doors, windows, and crevices. You can also use this spray if you find a roach running around you, keep in your mind they are small but very fast.

Use Natural Roach Repellent

If you don’t want to use spray or laying powder in the house, then there are so many natural repellents you can use. Here I am going to tell you some effective natural repellents:

  • Eucalyptol, cineole which is found in bay leaves. Leaves are dried as bay leaves in where places roaches are likely to be to keep them away.
  • Another natural repellent is Nepetalactone which is frequently found in catnip. You can place the leave catnip where roaches are active. You can place or hang these leaves on the walls, under cracks or in gaps to keep them away from home.
  • Another very effective natural repellent is Osage orange oil. If you want to get rid of roaches this natural repellent will work well for this purpose.

Natural repellents are a great way to get rid of them out of your home but it is not effective if you are dealing with an infestation.

Buy A Cockroach Bait

This formula works well when baby roaches come out of their nests and start finding out something to eat.  They will take the bait and return to their nests to eat it. This formula works great because baby roaches take the bait and return with bait to their nests so this poisonous bait will kill maximum quantity of baby roaches.

What should you do?

You have to place the bait to the exact location or where they are active. You can use gel baits they are inexpensive and useful too.

And you have to care about these baits from children and other pests.

Hire A Professional Examiner

In case, if you have a serious infestation or

If you try all methods and still you have difficulties to disposing of Baby roaches, then it’s time to make a call to a pest control professional. The pest controller has strong repellents that are not available in the market due to safety concerns. They will help you and you will see the results in a day. However, even this treatment you should look after the infected areas on a regular basis so to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

You should know that professional examiners use toxic sprays and other harsh chemicals. So if you should care if you have ant pests and children.

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10 Incredible Roach Facts

You might not hear about the incredible facts about roaches:

  1. A newly nymphs roach is about the same size as a grain of sand and interesting fact is can run faster than an adult roach.
  2. You might not know about that roaches can live without their head up to seven days because they have an open circulatory system. Their open circulatory system does not require their mouth to breathe. So, the only reason why they die is without mouth they can’t eat or drink anything so they die.
  3. I researched on roaches and I found that roaches are about 280 million years old and initiated in the Carboniferous era.
  4. Did you know? Roaches can hold breathe up to 40 minutes can survive underwater up to 30 minutes at a time.
  5. A baby roach can run much faster than an adult roach. They can run up to three miles in one hour. As faster speed they have, they can quickly spread bacteria and gems.
  6. A small cockroach has 3mm in size and the large cockroach can be 6 inches in its length having one-foot wingspan.
  7. There are almost 4000 types of cockroaches all over the world.
  8. As cockroaches are cold-blooded living being so they can live without food for one month. But without water, they can survive only one week.
  9. An American type of cockroaches is mostly attracted to the beer and some other alcoholic beverages.
  10. An Average roach live is up to one year.


How to get rid of baby roaches?

  1. Fill up gaps, cracks, and holes
  2. Keep dry your home from standing water
  3. Keep your home clean
  4. Get some borax
  5. Use Cockroach Sprays
  6. Use the Roaches Trap
  7. Grab Boric Acid and Sugar
  8. Use Natural Roach Repellent
  9. Buy a cockroach Bait
  10. Hire a professional examiner

What smell keeps roaches away?

You can use white vinegar. You can also use little peppermint to keep roaches away from your kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms. White vinegar and peppermint smell also keep other insects away.

Can baby roaches cause damage?

Yes, baby roaches can cause dame to your health. They can spread severe infestation. You should stop them if you see them at your house.


I have summarized this article by saying these above-mentioned methods are enough for you to get rip off Baby roaches. Cockroaches are not a hard thing to kill try any method to get the required results. Hope so, you will have enough detailed about keeping them away from your home. I also suggested some best repellent; you can use them according to your preference. If you have any issue then comment below. We will sort it out. Thanks for visiting us!

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