Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards and Commercial Repellents

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards and Commercial Repellents

Lizards are commonly found in warm areas specifically in summer almost all around the world. They have different shapes, size, and colors. These are small in size varies from a few centimeters to almost three meters. These tiny living beings are cold-blooded reptiles having a long tail. Commonly lizards have four legs, but some of the lizard’s kind don’t have any leg, and they move through the quadrate bone same like snakes.  Here, I am going to discuss home remedies to get rid of lizards and commercial repellents.

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards and Commercial Repellents

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards and Commercial Repellents

Having creepy texture and moving eyelids with outer ears make them the reptiles with a great sense. Most people have a fear of reptiles called Herpetophobia whereas these tiny creatures are generally harmless to human. If you found in your houses that is not something you should have to deal with except Gila monster, Mexican Beaded Lizard and the Komodo dragon. These three lizard’s classes have venom.

If you found a household lizard that’s not something that you will fancy, to get rid of unpleasant lizards is not an impossible task. You can eradicate it yourself by doing some simple home remedies that have useful results. Here I am going to share some simple home hacks to get rid of Lizards and Commercial Repellents. You can try them quickly. Let’s get started!

How to Get Rid of Lizards Home Remedies

Noticing lizards in your home could be disturbing to you. Here are some best natural ways to get rid of them:

  1. Coffee Method

One of the best methods to get rid of Lizard is to take some coffee and tobacco. Mix it well and make small balls that lizards will easily swallow. Place this mixture at every corner of the house. They will eat it and consequently die. In case if they don’t eat, then they will surely die.

If they eat, as a result, they will die. You should carefully dispose of their body.

  1. Use of Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene Balls or mothballs are the best homemade remedy of lizard resistant products. Now, what should you do? Take some naphthalene balls and place it at every corner where lizards might be active like cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes and the entrance of the bathroom and the kitchen, etc.

This remedy works well against lizards. Lizards find the pungent smell; they will irritate and run away. If you use mothballs instead of naphthalene, then it’s okay.

  1. DIY Pepper Spray

Did you know lizards are allergic to pepper? So, if you try this remedy, then it will irritate them, and they will stay away from the place. This is very easy and simple homemade cure to finish lizards.

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What should you do? You should take a spray bottle and put some crushed pepper into it then put some water. Mix it well, and the solution is ready. Spray this remedy around the house especially hiding places, on ceiling and walls.

  1. Peacock Feathers

This one is the most straightforward homemade remedy to make the lizards run away from your house. It has been found that lizards are afraid of peacock feathers. You should place the peacock feather near the places where lizards are active, or you often saw them or then entrance of your home and bathroom.

You can buy peacock feathers from the market or order it online. This remedy is beneficial because peacock eat the lizards and they may scare the lizards so lizards will stay away from your house.

If you can’t find peacock feathers, then you can use other

bird’s feathers to keep off them from your house.

  1. Cold Water

If you want to catch lizards instantly from the place, then you should spray cold water directly on them. It is the best homemade and cheapest remedy for you because cold water makes the lizards freeze for a while. Therefore, they are not able to move for some minutes. Now you can quickly grab and collect the lizard and throw it away out of your home.

  1. Using Flying papers

To capture flies, you can use flying papers. You can also use flying papers to catch lizards. This remedy is a very effective method to catch a lizard. What should you do? Place the flying papers on tube lights corners and the areas where lizards are active like spray around kitchen racks, under shelves, on cupboards, etc.

It may make the lizards stick to the papers. After that, you can catch them and throw them far away.

  1. Tabasco Sauce Spray

As I told above lizards are getting annoyed by the pepper, they are also getting annoyed from the smell of Tabasco sauce. You have to mix two spoons of Tabasco into the water and fill the spray bottle. Mix it well and shake the bottle. Spray this bottle all over the areas where lizards are active. You should also spray on the ceiling, on cracks, under shelves, under the stoves, kitchen racks, and cupboards, etc.

  1. Onions

Lizards cannot bear the strong smell of onions. They become annoyed with it. You should take one onion and cut it. Now put the slice of onions where you see lizards are active. You should place the slice near the entrance of kitchen, cupboards, under shelves, under the stove, etc.

You can also extract onion juice and add water into it. Mix it well and add it into the spray bottle. Shake it well. And spray the required areas. You can also put onion’s slice on doors or near windows. Onions smell make the lizards go away, and insects and other pests have also disliked this smell, so it is useful one remedy.

  1. Using Egg Shells

You can use the eggs shell to repel the lizards. Put the eggs shells on the areas where lizards visited the most. It can injure the body of lizards. You can also place the eggshells around the areas where lizards can go.

  1. Repel them with Garlic

You can use garlic to deter lizards. They are repelled by the smell of garlic. Garlic has strong smell and lizards can’t tolerate it. You can place the garlic around the areas where lizards are active. Alternatively, you can also extract the garlic juice and put it into a spray bottle. Add some water into it and mix it well. Now spray this bottle to make the lizards run away.

  1. Use the Phenyl Tablets

You can place the phenyl tablets in hiding places. You can also hide tablets in the corners and also under cabinets. They make the lizards staying off the house.

  1. Using a Cardboard Box

Trapping the lizard is another humane way to keep off the lizards away.

  1. Switching Off the Lights

You should keep the lights offs. As lizards are getting attractive toward lighted areas. Switching off the lights can move them away.

  1. Get a Cat

If you have a cat then its natural predator of lizards. So, if you have any cat, then you don’t worry about lizards anymore because cats keep your house free from lizards, mouse, and rats also.

  1. Use a Mousetrap

If you have a mouse trap when you don’t have to worry about buying a trap for lizards. Because a mousetrap can be used as lizards trap too. Just place the trap near the places where lizards are active to get rid of them.

  1. Get Rid of Insects

The best way to get rid of lizards is to get rid of insects first. Because lizards are getting attracted to bright areas where insects already have. So, lizards love to eat insects. If there is no insect, then lizards will leave the place.

  1. Use an Ultrasonic Repellent

If you have an ultrasonic repellent, then it can also be used as keeping off lizards away from your house. The ultrasonic wave is unpleasant the lizards, and they can go away from your home. Use this remedy regularly to get rid permanently from lizards. A human can hear the sound of the ultrasonic wave and can be disturbed by it.

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Commercial Repellent Options to get rid of Lizards

If you are searching to kick out lizards from your home forever then there some commercial repellent you must try:

  • Natural pests spray to kill the lizards; you can spray all around your home like kitchen, walls, cupboards, under stoves, etc.
  • Organic crumbs that can stay off lizards and other kinds of insects from your house
  • Buy Electronic pests repelling devices that can be used as spray insect killer and fly spray
  • Pest repelling spray that can’t kill lizards but prevents them from entering the house.

When Dealing with Lizards, You Should Firstly Do These Steps:

  • Firstly, cleanliness is essential to stay away from every insects, lizard and other creatures from your house.
  • You should firstly seal out all small openings near walls, doors, windows, and entrance.
  • Regular ensure you clean mats, doors, windows, cupboards and other corners where lizards can attract.
  • You should keep furniture 5 inches away from the walls so they can’t hide behind the furniture.
  • Use screen on doors and windows to prevent lizards from getting in.

Measures to Take for Staying Off Lizards

As I mentioned above some remedies to get rid of lizards, there is also some necessary step to keep your house lizards-free. Below are some dos and don’ts that can be a great way to deal with lizard’s infestation.


  1. As I told earlier cleanliness is necessary to prevent your house from every kind of insect.
  2. You should always close windows and doors especially at night
  3. Fill the cracks and other small holes that can be an entry point for lizards.
  4. When you need light, then keep it turn off because lizards get attractive towards lighted areas.
  5. You should set up a metal screen to cover your open windows and doors to prevent lizards from entering.
  6. Having a cat is so beneficial to keep your home insect-free.
  7. Distance between walls and furniture at least 5 to 6 inches to avoid giving lizards cozy hiding points.


  1. Don’t spill food on floor or kitchen shelves.
  2. You should clear out all the trash cans regularly
  3. You should clear out any stagnant water. As stagnant water is beautiful to all the insects, mosquitos and lizards too.
  4. If there are so many frames hanging on the walls, then these frames are favorite places of lizards to hide. So, limit the frames hanging on walls.


What is the best remedy to get rid of lizards?

There are so many remedies like

  • Coffee method
  • DIY Pepper spray
  • Egg Shell Method
  • Cold water
  • Using onion
  • Get a cat
  • Using garlic
  • Make a trap
  • Switching off lights etc.

You can choose what you like to do. It depends on you.

Are lizards can harm a human?

No lizards are harmless; they eat insects and creeping on walls. Three kinds of lizards can harm to human, but they usually are not found in houses. These are except Gila monster, Mexican Beaded Lizard and the Komodo dragon. These three lizard’s classes have venom.

Do mothballs repel lizards?

The smell of mothball surely repels lizards. You can place the mothballs were they active or the places where they can be hidden. Replenish the balls when the rain washes them away.


Now I conclude, seeing lizards in your home are not pleasant. Then you can find in every home. And if you take steps to get rid of them, then it’s entirely necessary. Because they can grow and lay eggs to grow more.

If you are figuring out to make your house pest-free, then this article has enough detail for you to get rid of lizards using homemade remedies. Above, I have mentioned straightforward and simple remedies to make them stay away from your house. I have also described some precaution and measures to take away from them. So, it depends on you what remedy you prefer to keep them away from your house.



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