Borax Ant Killer – How to Kill Ants Using Borax & Natural Methods

borax ant killer

Ants are the pests likely to be live everywhere. You may have found ants in your houses after heavy rain or cleaning up crumbs. They may be in your yards or in your kitchen. If you find them then you must want to get rid of them. If you are looking effective solution to get rid of ants then use Borax Ant Killer.

Borax Ant Killer: How to Kill Ants Using Borax?

You might have heard about Borax. Before using Borax Ant Killer as ants killer let me know you about Boraxas an ant killer.

borax ant killer

How Does Borax Ant KillerKill Ants?

Borax does not kill ants immediately. It takes time to work. It is rich with sodium tetraborate or disodium tetraborate. When Borax Ant Killer added to anything it fights against insects because it has low toxicity for humans and high toxicity for animals and insects, so it will work well to kill most of the insects easily.

Moreover, it is not harmful to human or pests. But you have to keep them away out of reach the children and pests.

How to Use Borax Ant Killer?

Here I am going to explain step by step guide to use Borax Ant Killer as ant’s killer. Only Boraxcannot be enough to kill ants. You have to mix it with another thing to make it more enticing.

Borax Ant Killer Recipe: BoraxWith Sugar For Ants Inside The House

A best ant killer recipe is Borax Ant Killer with sugar.

What you have to do?

  1. Take a little quantity of Borax Ant Killer with white sugar, you should also add any kind of sweet syrup or water to make a fine mixture
  2. Now mix these three ingredients well
  3. You have to make this mixture thick, so you can add more water or Borax Ant Killer, you should make a pasty paste, not runny paste.
  4. For better dissolvent of Borax Ant Killer in water, you should add warm water rather than cool water.
  5. Then add any sweet syrup and mix it well, you can add syrup’s quantity to make a pasty consistency.
  6. Now stir this mixture slowly.
  7. You have to take a jar with cover. Put this mixture into the jar. So you can secure it from other insects.
  8. Now drill holes on the cover of the jar and place it where the ants are active.
  9. Ants attract to this mixture and eat it.
  10. Be careful while placing so that your pest can’t reach it.

borax ant killer

Borax Ant Trap: Borax For Ants Outside The House

  1. Firstly you should take a plastic used bottle
  2. Now cut the bottle from its bottom for placing the mixture, a bowl is ready
  3. Now you have to add a little bit jelly solution with Borax powder, mix it well to make a fine mixture
  4. Moreover, put this mixture into the bottle caps and place them outside of your house to get rid of ants for a long time.

You should be careful by placing this mixture outside. It can be harmful to outsiders pests. In case of any lose you should call any trusted pests professional.

Here I’m going to tell you 6 tips for homemade Borax ant solution. Stay with us to get effective results against ants with Borax!

6 Tips for Homemade Borax Ant Solution

  1. The inside solution will work the same as the outdoor solution. You should cover all holes and don’t drill the holes so that rain can’t mess with the to kill ants using borax
  2. You should also need heavy traps so that a heavy storm of wind can’t blow away.
  3. As I told you jelly-Borax work well for indoor ants. You can use this indoor ant trap for outdoor ants.
  4. You should place the trap accurately. There are more chances that dead ants are around the trap. So that means the trap is working. Next time you should try less quantity of Borax.
  5. You should try outdoor traps same as indoor traps.
  6. Always be careful while placing the traps, and keep the traps out the reach of children and pests.

Hire Trusted Pest Professional Examiner

Borax will work well against ants but in case if you have tried all methods and still you face difficulties to get rid of ants then it’s time to make a call to a trusted pest control professional. The pest controller has strong repellents that are not available in the market due to safety concerns. They will help you and you will see the results in a day. However, even this treatment you should look after the infected areas on a regular basis so to get rid of ants for a long time.

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What Is Borax Ant KillerAnd What It Is Usually Used For?

If you like chemistry as a subject then you already know about Borax. Borax also is known as the boron compound.

Borax is white in color and dissolves in water easily. If you want to buy it commercially, it must be dehydrated. Let’s me tell you how Borax is used for?

In Products

There are many products in your home having Borax as an ingredient such as detergent. You can also find Borax in enamel glazes and cosmetics. In biochemistry as a fire retardant, there you will see Borax listed in it.

Pest Control

People use Borax to keep ants, water bugs and cockroaches away. You can use Borax with sugar to deter ants, bugs, and cockroaches. You can also sodium borate to keep away rats from your house.

Moreover, you can sprinkle Borax on the carpet to get rid of fleas and then vacuum it.


Borax is used as a cleaning detergent. You can use Borax with baking soda to clean dish washes. You can also use it to clean up outdoors, furniture, toilets, porcelain, and stains.

It is also be used as laundry purpose. It works well as the best detergent.

For pests and trash

If you want to get rid of the smell of the kitty litter, then you have to take a few teaspoons of Borax to the little jar. It can also work the same as the stains on the fridge, to remove urine stains, to get rid of the smells of mattresses or carpets.

borax ant killer

5 Common Types Of Harmful Ants Inside The House

No one like ants near around the house. There are over 12,000 types of ants and obviously, they will be harmful to humans. It depends on the type of ants. Let me explain which type of ants you may deal in your house.

Carpenter Ants

If you are dealing with carpenter ants in your home then you should know that they are more destructive. They are likely to be a dark place and chew dry wood and drywall. If you can’t stop them they can cause serious damage. They are black and brown in color, around thorax having antenna and waist.

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Carpenter ants are about 6mm to 12mm large in size having a single node at their waist. Some carpenter ants have two nods. These are as follows:

  • Acrobat Ants
  • Little Black Ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Pavement Ants

Carpenter bees attack your home, you should stop them as soon as possible. You can successfully keep them away by using bait or any natural method that I have listed above.

You have to care if you have seen them in your home because it can cause significant damage to your furniture. If any repairing need then repairs it.

Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are about 8th of an inch long in size having a reddish-brown color. They have long antennae as compared to their body. They can’t sting you but they can bite you, it will cause pain but quickly faded.

Usually, you can find these ants outside but they will be in your houses as well. You can find under carpets, wall, and yard. They crawl crazily that is why they are known as crazy ants. They don’t have colonies or nest they can live anywhere outside or inside your home.

how to kill crazy antsIf you want to get rid of crazy ants then there are so many natural remedies that are listed above. These ants do not cause danger but you should care before they spread the infestation. They are difficult to control than fire ants.

Fire Ants

Fire ants have a red body which can be reddish-brown or reddish black. They are aggressive also have a stringer. They can attack at pets. Moreover, they are likely to live in very large colonies so they are very hard to kill.

As they have a string which is painful and can cause a serious infestation. If you get stung by a fire ant, it will turn into itchy even painful. And probably they will sting again and again. They can also cause allergic reactions. So if you have noticed them in your house you have to stop them as quickly as possible.

If you are going to deal with fire ants, you can use fire ants bait but I suggest you as fire ants are aggressive, call a trusted professional expert to deal with them rather than use any repellent.

Ghost Ants

Ghost ants are pale in color of its legs having pale abdomen. They have a dark head and thoraxes on their body. They were found in Florida but now they are almost found in every country.

Ghost ants likely to prefer warm areas to live. They have no string but they are smart. They make colonies including more than a single queen. The queen fire ant may leave its colony any time as queen ant wants and start her own colony. So they can cause a serious nuisance if they made colony nearer to your house.

If you are going to get rid of ghost colonies than it is not quite easy because their colonies are very large. So before applying any method you should call a professional examiner to get them away.

Super Ants

Super ants have wings. They have many types. Some have stringer while some have strong jaws. Some chew woods while some can cause serious damage. They have a white sting like carpenter ants but they have a cleft between them.

So some super ant’s type is dangerous and can cause a serious infestation. If you want to get rid of them use any above method.

5 Other Natural Ants Solution

If you want to try some other ways then here are the best five natural ant killers which are quite easy to use. These are below as:

Essential Oils

Essential oil is the best ant killer solution. As you know ants are a highly trained force. They find their food in two ways:

  • Firstly they go out of their nest and find food, while on the way they mark route using pheromones.
  • Secondly, some ants came out their nest use their antennae to find the smell of food source.

If you want to get them away you have to drop a few drops of essential oil in your house and yards. You can wipe a cotton ball with essential oil and place these cotton ball on the entry points.

You have to repeat this method for seven days to completely get rid of them.

Clove essential oil is best and a few drops are enough, mixed it with other oil. You will see the result within hours. It is a particularly strong insecticide.

It is not harmful to others you can use it even your bedroom. It’s scented last longer.

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Another natural way but toxic for ants. Like essential oil, citruses smell last longer.

What you should do?

You should wipe cotton balls with citruses. Now place these balls where ants are active and every entry point if possible.

You can also use citruses with water, other essential oils, and water. Mix it well and put this mixture into a spray bottle. Sprinkle this spray around your home.

If you don’t have citruses then you can use the peels of lemon, orange, and grapefruits to make the best natural ant’s killer substance. Add this repellent peels into a bowl. Mix with half glass water or can add half glass vinegar. Heat this mixture and cool down overnight. Simply apply all around the home to get the best results.

Powdered Substances

Powder substances are best repellents. It works from inside and make ants exoskeleton and dry out until they die.

One of the best powder repellents is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It will dry ant’s exoskeleton and dehydrate them until they die. This method will not work instantly. It takes time over 2 to 4 days. And completely safe to humans.

Where to place DE powder?

You have to sprinkle this powder all around in your home such as entrance, doorways, windows, corners, under carpets and where these are active.

Use can use this powder repeatedly until they completely die.

Another powder repellent is baking soda. You have to mix baking soda with sugar to attract the ants. Sprinkle this mixture all possible entry points or where you have seen them. Ants will eat it and immediately die.

Another effective powder repellent is black pepper. You have to sprinkle this powder all around the house and where you have seen them appear.


The smell of vinegar attracts the ants. You have to mix vinegar with essential oil citrus peels to get the best results.

What should do? You should mix vinegar oil with some water. Put this mixture into a bottle and spray it where they act.

If your vinegar with DE substance then it works greatly against ants.


Cinnamon has a strong smell. If you use cinnamon with cloves then it will work well.

Ants don’t like the cinnamon smell and run away from the place quickly. So you can also use cinnamon with essential oil to get effective results.

What should you do? You should take a little quantity of cinnamon and add a few essential oil drops. Mix it well. Add water into it and shake this mixture well. Spray this mixture around your house.

If you don’t have cinnamon then you can use black pepper. It will work similarly as cinnamon does.

Why Are Ants So Hard To Kill?

When it comes to killing ants, everyone thinks they are hard to kill.  So why are ants so hard to kill? There are some parameters you know about them if you want to kill the ants easily.

Strength In Numbers

Why so hard to kill ants? The first difficulty is the ant’s strength. As I told you ants live in colonies up to hundreds to thousands. So it is tough to kill them.

Difficult To Find

Another difficulty you could face when you kill ants is they are difficult to locate. They make their colonies underground such as behind the cabinets, under shelves, under pavement, etc. So to kill all the ants at a time is so hard actually.


If you destroy ant’s colony they can move to another. They are smart enough to relocate their location. They can easily find another safe location.

Less Potency

Ants are social insects. If you want to kill them you have to repeat killer repellents. If you use repellents daily, ants will start developing immunity. Immunity will make tough to get rid of them.


How long does it take for ants to die from Borax?

It depends on the type of ants. Usually Borax takes 1 day, and after 24 hours you will see the required results.

Where can I buy Borax Ant Killer for ants?

You can buy Borax Ant Killer at any store. You can also buy it online from trusted websites.

Is Borax Ant Bait safe for pests?

No Borax Ant Killer is not safe for pests. As Borax is toxic but little for humans and more for animals. So you should care about before using it if you have any pest in your home.


Ants are commercial insects as they multiply fast so you should care about them if you have seen them in your house. If you can’t stop them as quickly as possible you may face a serious infestation which can’t be easily recovered. You should try any Borax Ant Killer method that I have listed above. It will freaking work out.

Always be careful about applying any repellent. Keep your children and pets away from the infestation area.

If you face any difficulty to get rid of ants you can share us by commenting below. We are here to sort it out. Keep following us!


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