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Learn about cricket or a harmless script

How many times have you gone into the basement or backyard or received a garage and the hopping creature that looks like a spider that has cricket legs? (Usually accompanied by screams or provocative words.) This jumping creature is camel cricket, Nightingale in Orthopter, and the Rhaphidophoridae family (Raphead-do-for-a-day). It is light brown and brown in color, 1-1 1/4 of the length, and has no wings (so don’t worry about flying). The camel ranger is associated with a cave and is found throughout the United States, on all and most continents. Islands: she loves a humid, dark, and humid environment, so she can be found in garages and basements. The most common type of cricket in the USA is here, but researchers believe that the Japanese also started camel cricket to attack us. Even in homes.


Why do these crickets seem so scary?

Part of the reason why herds of camels scare is that they look like physically large spiders, go out at night, and experience shock. That is why they are also called “spirits” or a spider of sunlight. Camels have six long legs, a curved hump, and their large drum hind legs make them good. Due to its connection with cricket, which lives in caves, it is believed that camel breeds are not high and they have good visibility, so they rely on two very long antenna sensors and temperature (thermal detector) to rotate a dark environment. To protect themselves, they respond to threats by jumping on them to intimidate potential predators (and this works best for humans!).

Do Crickets Bite? Do Camel Cricket Bite?

Although it looks like a big spider, it is actually cricket and it does not have the ability of a phoenix or a bite. Chew parts of their mouth and eat something like goats. Camel cricket is vegetarian and will eat mushrooms, plant material, insects, and even cloth or fabric. That is why they are considered domestic insects.

Are there any cricket offer sounds?

Camel Cricket is unable to make or accelerate sounds. – Late), home cricket game, like their cousins, who smile together. There is a good thing to say about quiet home guests, even if they look weird.

Difference Between Male & Females: 

Like all beauty, circles lay eggs. To lay eggs, a woman has an egg collection tube called a collector for her. In the image below you can see a long curved oval, as well as two other thin protrusions, which are used to measure air, temperature, and humidity. She uses them to find suitable conditions for laying eggs. Some people think that the elliptical layer is sulfur, but it is a harmless egg-laying pipe.

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How does male cricket get the attraction of female cricket?

In the journal Insect Practice, scientists have discovered that chemical perfumes or pheromones are used in Hailey and Gray beauty circles. Insects such as cricket breathe through very small taps that line the stomach. Researchers put beauty on paper towels. Some had open breathing tubes, and some were temporarily closed. It was believed that a man released pheromones (chemical odors to attract women) through the verb. In fact, the female money of camels was largely removed from paper towels previously owned by men with taps or open tubes.

In their original work, Haley and Gray published the results in their 2011 issue of Ethnology that some male beauty rings are shaped like nails on large legs that they used in childhood. Use it while ready. These same nails seem to be used to catch women during marriage, especially with non-virgin cricket, which can be less than encouraging.

Are camel Crickets Useful for Anything?

Most camel mites are domestic insects because they look like grazing goats on plants, fabrics, and things in basements and garages. When it cools, they get together, which can do more damage.

Unfortunately (more bad news), cricket in North America is also what Pterygodermatites peromysci They are parasitic parasites that infect white-footed mice and deer. Some of these mice already have nematode parasites in their gut. When mice become interested, nematodes transfer their eggs to mouse factories. The intestines of the affected mouse are eaten by fangs of beauty. A camel develops the maturation of nematodes in the intestines of cricket. When a mouse eats a cricket, adult nematodes affect its courage and so on. Studies show that this parasite can infect groups of albino and deer mice, which in turn can affect the food availability of predators that depend on them. Fortunately, mouse parasites (nematodes) do not directly affect humans, but they can destabilize the local food network. See this article from the Biennale of the Biotechnology Information Center for more information.

Do not underestimate the game of camel cricket, although it is a great source of food for insects, shells, and other nocturnal animals.

Help! I have camel cricket

As mentioned earlier, camel cricket is all animals that will eat everything. This contributes to the ease of grazing on plants, which may include fungi in humid places such as fish walls, wet floors, and cracks in enclosed spaces. Even worse, if you find them in large numbers, their (potato) residue can stain the floor and walls and is a magical food source for security checkpoints! I am not a big supporter of killing anything, after all, that they were there before, but people built a beautiful house in their house. If you feel the need to remove any pornographic material, you can include:

  • Experience a closed window from the floor, where they can enter and doors. Also, protect the weather pits.
  • Dehumidifiers should be used outside the dry lower floors and humid rooms.
  • Shade dark areas if possible.
  • Remove waste paper, plants, fungi, and other food sources.
  • Close clothing, bags, and other items in garages and basements in plastic containers and make sure they are lined with walls.
  • Do not store wood near the house and make sure there are bushes and shrubs. Away from home
  • For those who are interested in natural protection, you can use pine bags and oil in the solution. Pine is a natural fungicide and insecticide. The same goes for tea tree oil and citronella.
  • Hot pepper oil and soy sauce, which is often used in mice, also acts in cricket. I’m not a big fan of sticky boards, which are mostly supported for pest control, but this is an option on the market. I find this somewhat harsh, though no less serious, than cats.
  • If unsuccessful, seek help.
  • For those of you who can find climbing and walking. Camel cricket is also good, you can use the “field catcher” to take out animals and collect them safely without touching them.


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