Carpenter Bees – 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Them

Carpenter Bees - 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of It

There are different types of bees all over the world. But here I am going to share detailed stuff about Carpenter Bees. These bees, mostly in summer, are very annoying because they are hovering around in your homes and sit on every place. I am going to discuss how to get rid of them. Stay with us!

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees are lightweight insects large in size having yellow and black color hairy abdomen. They can’t bite and even don’t sting you. So, if they are flying around you, don’t worry they are harmless to humans.

Mostly in summer, they are just hovering around in houses for searching place to live and to make burrows to lay eggs and deposit pollen as food for the larvae. Such bees are attracted to unpainted bare woods. These bees can’t eat wood but can cause damage to the wooden structure by making holes.

Unlike other bees, Carpenter Bees don’t live in a nest. They make tunnels to stored their eggs and protect pollen larvae from surviving in cold temperature.

If you are looking for how to get rid of these bees, then you are at right place. Because you can get here seven effective ways to escape these bees. There are so many ways to get rid of Carpenter Bees. But here I am going to share seven best and accessible ways. Here you go!

Carpenter Bees - 7 Effective Ways to Get Rid of It

7 Easy Steps to get rid of Carpenter Bees

If you want to get rid of this insect without spraying harsh chemicals, then you are at right place. Because here I am going to tell some naturals ways to get rid of these insects.

If you heard from someone that these insects are hard to get out, it’s true, but you don’t need to worry. Let’s talk about the ways to get away from them:

Play Loud Sounds On Speakers to Encourage Nearby Bees to Live

A very best way to get rid of these bees. Carpenter Bees are very lightweight, so they are sensitive. They will fly within a second if we make noise. To get rid of them making noise is one of the best ways. You have a loudspeaker which is readily available in your homes.

  • You have to play loud music for 2 to 3 days
  • This method is secure and to get rid of them you can also get rid of boredom by enjoying music.
  • There is a risk that bees might return, for this you should keep the area clean and put wooden structure when they went as soon as possible
  • If your wooden structure is untreated them, you should paint i; otherwise, this method is not going to work.

Spray Infested Areas with A Natural Citrus Spray

In this natural method, you just cut some

  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Lime

You have to boil above ingredients and after boiling take a spray bottle and fill it with citrus-extract water. Now you have done. Spray infected areas with this citrus water. This remedy will not kill bees, but they will leave because of the citrus water. This method is also useful for other insects.

Apply Almost Oil or Essence Around the Nest to Repel Bees

This natural is one of the best ways to get rid of Carpenter Bees. This almond oil method is similar to the citrus spray method in which you have to place almond oil where the bees are active and around their holes. This almond scent will make them want to leave, and you can quickly get rid of them in the future. You can store the almond oil essence for future prevention.

Place A Physical Bee Trap That Will Lure in and Carpenter Bees

This trap is not expensive. You have all the material in your home all ready to make a trap. You can buy a bee trap online. There are many websites available on the internet where you can place an order online to get rid of bees. So this is the best choice for you.
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You have to do that place a bee trap nearby the carpenter bee, or you can hang on near the bee holes. You have to do it with care because sometimes bees can escape from this trap. So do it carefully and don’t let them go.

Use A Tennis Racket to Kill Carpenter Bees When They’re Most Active

Another best way to get rid of bees is to buy a tennis racket to trap and to kill them. If you see them flying around you or in your homes, it means they are looking for their burrows to lay eggs and protect their larvae. In this case, you get a tennis racket and find the place where they are most active. Use tennis racket to smack and to kill them.

  • After smacking, you can use a vacuum to clean up your floor.
  • This is not a perfect method as this method requires time, and it might be not efficient as you think. So you can select this method as a second option.

Have A Beekeeper Relocate the Bee Nest If You Don’t Want to Kill Them

If you don’t want to kill them, you want to get rid of them then this method is entirely for you. You contact a beekeeper. The beekeeper demands charges, so you have to pay for it.

The beekeeper will handle it, and you don’t have to worry.

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Using Pesticides

Apply Insecticidal Dust in Deep Burrows to Kill Current and Future Bees

If you want to use chemicals, then insecticidal dust and powder are most useful to get rid of them. You can use insecticidal dust into the bees’ holes. By using this, you can quickly kill them but also stop the growth of the bee population.

  • You have to apply the dust for twenty-four hours to get effective results and also decreases the chances of being stung.
  • As chemicals are harsh, it can damage your health. So you should apply this method once per season.
  • Some best insecticidal dust is Sevin and Delta Dust.
  • Remember that insecticidal dust is harsh and can damage your health as well. So keep it away from children.

Use A Residual Liquid Insecticide It the Infestation Isn’t Deep

You can use liquid insecticide if the infestation is not very deep. You can buy it online. Spray liquid insecticide around the holes of Carpenter Bees, and you can quickly get rid of bees’ infestation.

  • Some best insecticide sprays are Cyzmic, CS, Demon WP, and FenvastarCap
  • Remember that they are harmful to your health so keep it away from children and don’t use this method after 3 to 4 weeks.

You can get the result according to your choice by using this method twice during the spring, or you can also use it after 3 to 4 weeks.

Kill The Carpenter Bees with Petrol If You Don’t Have Access to Pesticide

If you want to kill Carpenter Bees then here is a method, you can quickly kill them. The ingredients of this method required are

  • Get a bottle of petrol or diesel. Make sure don’t use without wearing gloves on your homes and don’t use this method near the source of ignition. It can cause a big tragedy.
  • Put your gloves on your hands so that your skin would not get affected.
  • Now put some petrol on the holes of Carpenter Bees. It is also possible to store it for future use.
  • You can use this method once a month to get the desired results.

Consider Spraying the Burrows with Carburetor Cleaner

It’s a very cheapest but certainly effective method. You have to buy an aerosol carburetor cleaner having a large tube with it. It just not makes them go but also kill them instantly.

  • You can get Aerosol carburetor at any auto supply store.
  • You can use it with care; it may harm your eyes. There are some precautions you have to read them carefully before using this method.

Hire an Exterminator to Have Your Infestation Handled by A Professional

You can also hire an exterminator. A professional exterminator will handle better and the result will be fruitful. Because a professional can do better than you to get rid of Carpenter Bees.

Preventing Carpenter Bee Infestations

It is not enough to use any method to get rid of them. You should clean your home cleans. If there are burrows, then you should apply insecticidal dust on them so that if there are some larvae that are hatched will be killed easily.

Use Insecticidal Dust to Stop the Cycle of Reproduction

It’s not enough to kill bees; you have to kill bees along with their legs to keep them from reproducing. You need to kill them in their holes and burrows. For this, you can use insecticidal dust. It can keep you away from them.

Plug The Carpenter Bee Holes After All the Bees Have Been Killed

After bees have all been killed plug the holes, burrows to protect your place for future. By applying this method, you have to do the following steps:

  • See all the Carpenter Bees are dead before using plug. If they are not dead, they can escape making new tunnels into the wood.
  • To get a hundred percent result use this method in the fall months.

Stain or Paint Outdoor Wooden Surfaces to Discourage Bee Infestation

Although Carpenter Bees damage your wood to make holes and burrows. To get rid of this you should stain or paint with polish if you have untreated wood.

  • You should pain your wooden surfaces to avoid infestation than discolored wood.
  • You can get the best result if you use this method once a year.

Spray Wooden Surfaces with Insecticide in The Spring

This method you have to do spray outdoor on all your wooden stuff that may attract Carpenter Bees. You have to care about some areas like underneath rail sidings, under tables and chairs and all around under your windows and doors.

Carpenter Bees love to make holes and burrows to lay eggs in wooden stuff. So untreated wood needs much care to prevent infestation and should be treated with insecticide if it hasn’t been polished.

If you don’t want to use this method, then you can pick one of the above methods according to your requirements.


Are Carpenter Bees dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous. They just buzzing around you because of its nature. But in terms of other stuff, they can damage your bare wooden structure in your homes, buildings, etc.

Can Carpenter Bees sting or bite you?

No, they can’t bite or sting you. They are harmless to humans.

Are Carpenter Bees destructive?

Carpenter Bees don’t eat wood. They make tunnels to live to lay eggs and protect pollen larvae. They make a hole in bare unpainted wood. So they are not very destructive.

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