Crickets Sounds – Why do Crickets Chirp?

Why do Crickets Chirp?

There are different types of crickets sounds you can listen to your home. Most of the people are familiar with these sounds because the crickets can be found in every house almost.

At the start of this article, I will discuss crickets sounds. In the middle, I will tell you the reasons: why do crickets chirp? A lot of people have confusion either crickets bite or not. So, I will also clarify this confusion. In the end, the camel cricket bite will be the last topic of today.

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I have researched a lot on the crickets to write this post. So, you just need to stay with me get benefit from this research. 

Why do Crickets Chirp?

Crickets Sounds

Crickets are also known as the true crickets. They have round heads and the long antennas. On the other side, the backside of their heads is smooth and flat. They have long and strong legs which help them to jump higher and longer.

In the different researches, more than 900 species are described of crickets. They live in every side of the world. Some areas are more suitable to love for them. Mostly, they want to live in grasslands, beaches, bushes, and caves etc.

The crickets have appeared in different literature books as characters. The talking cricket was the character in the children’s book a lot of years ago. You can read this book if you want some entertainment. There are a lot of movies also in which crickets have used as characters.

Mostly, crickets make the chirping sound in the night and I hope everyone is familiar with that sounds. At night, it is the only sound we can listen in our houses clearly. Crickets find their mates in the night by this sound. Sometimes, crickets sounds are interesting and sometimes it is annoying.

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You should know that cricket can make four different types of sounds in the night to find mates. Crickets generate this sound with the help of their wings rather than the chords. During the generation of Crickets sounds, the wings of the crickets behave like an amplifier. These amplifiers help to create such a loud Crickets sounds.

Are you with me?

You need to stay with me for the more information about this insect. The question is that why crickets chirp? Let me discuss the answer to this question.

Why do Crickets Chirp?

Basically, the male crickets play the role of communicators and the female crickets wait for the sound indications from the male partners. The Male crickets chirp loudly when there is need to communicate with other crickets. On the other side, the female ones do not chirp in any situation. Male crickets chirp by rubbing the edges of their wing and the wings behave like an amplifier.

As I mentioned above, when a cricket chirp, it can produce four different types of sounds to attract other crickets from the group. These four types of sounds are:

  • Calling Sound
  • Courting Sound
  • Aggressive Sound
  • Triumphal Sound

Let me discuss these sounds one by one. Stay with me!

Calling Sound

The calling sound is used by the male crickets in the daytime only. You cannot listen to this sound in the night. This sound attracts females for meeting.

Courting Sound

The other sound is the courting sound. When a female cricket is near to the male cricket, the male one uses this sound to attract the female.

Aggressive Sound

The third type of sound is known as the aggressive sound and the researches gave this name to the sound due to the after reaction. This sound is used by the male crickets to contact aggressively with other males to claim the females of the group.

Triumphal Sound

The last sound is created by the male cricket known as the triumphal sound. This sound is created by the male cricket after the successful meeting with the female cricket and encourage her to lay eggs rather than the meeting with another male cricket.

I hope you have understood all the four sounds and the purposes of these sounds. Let me discuss the bites of crickets. Stay with me!

Do Cricket Bite?

A lot of people are searching for the answer to this question. As you know that crickets live in houses, grasslands, plants etc. So, they interact with the human on daily basis. They have a mouth so you cannot rule out their bite.

We have seen these crickets on several occasions in our surroundings. These crickets are house crickets, camel cricket and cave crickets common in the United States. These small insects look like dangerous insects. Are they really dangerous or do crickets bite? Yes! They can bite a small piece of your skin and you will feel pain, burning skin and the red circle as well as but mostly it happens in the defense.

So, there is no doubt about their biting. In my opinion, any insect with the mouth can bite or try to bite you at any time due to some reasons or without any reasons. So, you have to be careful if there are some crickets around you.

Camel Cricket Bite

camel cricket bite

As you know there are different types of crickets like house cricket and cave cricket. The camel cricket is one of these types. The concern is the Camel Cricket Bite and the effects of these bites. These crickets look creepy but they can’t sting at all. Like the other insects, they don’t have the ability to bite but they can try to bite.

When a cricket tries to bite a human, it leaves some diseases on the skin of the human. Specifically, the crickets carry a lot of diseases with them. So, you have to be careful.

You can face red skin, rashes, allergy or flu after the bite of cricket. These are not big diseases but can lead to big disease. Be careful!

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