Flying Termites – Winged Termites Surprising Facts

There is a lot of discussion about Flying Termites. So, I decided to discuss them in a new and easy way for your better understanding.

I have discussed gnats, crickets, ants, rats, mosquitoes, snails, moths in the previous articles. So, if you are looking for one of these, just visit my previous articles.

In this article, I will discuss the introduction of Flying Termites, Termites with wings, get rid of termites and termites droppings in details. You just need to stay with me to explore all about the Flying Termites.

Flying Termites

Flying Termites

Have you noticed the flying insects around your lights after the rain?

Obviously, everyone has noticed the same flying insects after the rain or in the evening. Basically, these flying insects are termites. They fly and become active in the high humidity after the rain or in the evening. These Flying Termites just come out from their nests to create new colonies.

They start to find a suitable environment to live and start their own colonies or groups of termites. A termite has a specific caste like a king, queen, worker etc.

Generally, they look harmless but you should know that after creating their colonies, they can damage a lot. In Malaysia, these termites are responsible for property damage of RM40 Million per year. People take insurance to recover their damages but most of the insurance policies do not provide the insurance for damages by termites.

What Does the Flying Termite Look Like?

It is necessary to identify these insects before understanding more about them. There is an appearance a most important part to identify these termites.

Size: it depends upon the species. Usually, the range of size of Flying Termites is between ¼ to 3/8 of an inch.

Color: the color of flying termite depends upon the caste of it. So, the worker termites have light colors. The Flying Termites may have a light color, black color or dark brown color depend upon the species. The dark color of termites helps them to leave the nest due to the nature of color and moisture.

Wings: The Flying Termites have four wings. These wings help them to fly and stay in the air normally. So, if you find the mentioned size, color and wings, it is a flying termite.

Some people have confusions between Flying Termites and flying ants. Are you confused also? Let me clear this confusion.

What Are Differences Between Flying Termites and Flying Ants?

Differences Between Flying Termites and Flying Ants

People are confused due to the similarities between these two types of insects. We just need to discuss the differences to remove the confusions from our mind.

The flying ants also try to start new colonies and light attracts them. On the other side, this is the same case with the termites I have discussed above. So, people confuse that these flying objects near the lights are flying ants or termites.

There are some differences also we need to discuss to identify them properly. These major differences are all about the appearance.

Waist: The waist of ants is pinched but the termites have a straight and thick waist.

Antennae: The ants have bent antennae but the termites have straight antennae.

Wing Length: The wings of termites have the same length as compared to each other. On the other hand, the ants have different sizes of their wings.

These are the clear differences through which you can easily differentiate between both flying insects easily.

Termite Swarm

Termites swarm

It is not like a scene of the movie but it is the reality. The Termites with wings start moving out from the nests inside the home. They start to create holes in the walls of your home to get out of the home before flying. Basically, light attracts them to get out from the house.

The termite swarms after a specific time once in a year. They swarm after the specific size of colonies. It is necessary for them to move and expand the groups after the specific size of colonies.

So, the male and female termites leave the colonies to start the new colonies. For this purpose, they find a suitable place and environment.

When Do Termites Swarm?

The time varies with the weather and environment. But it is clear that the Termites with wings swarm once in a year and they move on different places to increase the population.

The daylight is suitable for them to swarm. If there is a rain and wind speed is near about 6 mph then it is a more suitable day for them to swarm. There is a very interesting story in swarming. The workers work to build nests and the king takes the decisions. The soldiers take care of their colony to save it from outer attacks.

Now, the question is how to get rid of these insects because they are so annoying and harmful. There are some tricks and tips to get rid of these insects. Let me discuss these tips and tricks.

How to Get Rid of Flying Termites?

There are different methods, tips and tricks to get rid of these termites. But I am just going to discuss some proven methods to get rid of termites. Let me discuss these proven methods.

Bug Zappers

The termites love light so you should need to use the light as the weapon to kill them. There are different types of lights that attract the insects and kill them available in the market. These types of lights are known as the bug zappers.

You can use this light at your home but it is not practical to use them in every room or outside the home. So, you just need to switch off the outside light and switch on minimum lights inside your home. The switched-on minimum lights increase the chances of killings.

After switching off the outside light, the specific number of termites will move towards the inside lights because they love light. When they will enter inside your house, you have a bug zapper switched on. They will move towards the bug zapper due to the light and will kiss the bug zapper to kill themselves.

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The experts of insects and termites recommend this method. According to my opinion, this method is very common and practical. So, you just need to try it. I hope you will be successful in this war.

Orange Oil Spray

The other incredible method is orange oil spray. Basically, the orange oil has a specific type of compound that can kill the termite easily. This compound exists in the orange in high quantity. The spray of orange oil is the better option then the direct use of orange oil.

  • First of all, you just need to purchase the orange oil from the market available easily.
  • Now, you just need to purchase a spray bottle.
  • Just put the orange oil in the spray bottle.
  • Now, spray in the corners, holes, and nests of Termites with wings if you find.

You can also spray directly on the Flying Termites near the light. The best method to kill these termites is switch on the single light in your home. All the termites will attract towards that light. Now, you have gathered all the termites in one room. Just spray the orange oil on them to kill and get rid of them.

Take Drastic Action

As I discussed, it is easy to kill them but it is not enough method to stop the increment in the population. Basically, the best method is to stop the population rather than the killing of these insects. They don’t live in residential areas. They find a suitable place and environment to create their colony.

So, you just need to take some steps outside your home. For example, if there is wood outside your home, you just need to remove and eliminate it. This step will encourage them to move and create their colony anywhere else. So, you just need to follow these types of steps outside your home.

Termites droppings

Basically, the termites live in the form of colonies. They are not harmless when they are alone but they can harm your home badly if they are in the form of a colony.

So, the population increases with the termite droppings. If you are successful to eliminate the process of droppings, you are able to eliminate them easily.

The termites leave the colonies after the specified number of members of the colony. They leave in the form of couples, male and female. When they leave the colony, they find the new place for mating and creating a new colony. The suitable place for them is lighting place and the humidity in the weather.

When they find this type of environment, they start a new colony and increase the population. The queen termite lay millions of eggs in her life. So, you have to top her for doing this by destroying the droppings.

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