How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Easily Best Methods – Bumble Bees Facts

How to Get Rid of Bumblebees Easily Best Methods - Bumblebees Facts

I am going to explain how to get rid of Bumble Bees easily. Before getting rid of Bumble Bees, let me tell you what kind of bees you are going to deal with. Like honey bees, Bumble bees are social insects having an adorable appearance. They made colonies as honey bees, including a single queen bee. A bee colony can have 40 to 300 bees. Usually, bumble Bees feed on nectar same like honey bees.

These fuzzy buzzing bees are flat and furry have yellow and black lines on their body. They have around a body covered with soft hair. Their great painful sting-multiple times. They usually live far away from humans and animals. Bumble Bee is a sign threatened as their fuzzing.

How to Get Rid of Bumblebees Easily Best Methods - Bumblebees Facts

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees Easily

There are so many methods to repel bees. Here I’ll explain some secure bumble bee methods to get rid of them. If you heard from someone that these fuzzy bees are hard to get out, it’s true, but you don’t need to worry. Let’s talk about the ways to get away from them:

Spicy Peppermint Spray

The best method to get rid of them, its peppermint. Bees also hate cinnamon. To make a repellent spray that keeps bees away from your house and yard, you have to do the following steps:

  • You have to take two teaspoons of cinnamon powder
  • Add some drops of peppermint essential oil
  • Take some water and add cinnamon powder and peppermint oils into it
  • Make q liquid mixture with an empty spray bottle

Now, what you should do? This spray doesn’t kill them; this mixture repels them.  Don’t spray this mixture directly to make them more likely to sting you. Just use this mixture to repel them.

Call in a Beekeeper

There is always a threat that Bumble bees can sting if you want to kill its nest. In this case, a beekeeper can help you if you want to get rid of them from your yard.

A beekeeper knows and works safely. They can remove the nest safely from your yard. They can charge a fee to removing bee nests, depending on the size of nests.

Use Insecticides

If you got bumble bee infestation, then it can be a danger to your family. For this I have a remedy for you to get rid of them you should use insecticides. You can buy it from the local market. Before going to apply this, make sure you have put gloves on your hands so this can’t damage your skin.

The timing for applying this product is essential. Usually, bees are active in daylight and rest after the sun goes down, they return to their hives. If you put this method during the day, then you have high chances of being stung.

So, what is the right time to use this method? You should apply this at night time when bees are inactive and having rest in their lives to minimize the risk of being stung.

When spraying, there is a risk of being stung, so prevent yourself by wearing protected cloth. You should cover your head, face, neck, and hands while spraying.

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Vinegar Spray

A best option to keep away Bumble bees from your house and yards. Vinegar is best to repel them. What you should do? Take a little quantity of vinegar and water. Add this mixture and put it into a spray bottle. So, the mixture is ready to get to remove Bumble bees. You should spray at night to avoid the bee’s sting, it is also useful on the surrounding of flowers, bushes, trees, and plants where a chance of their hives is. You should apply this mixture until you get rid of them.


You would be amazed by knowing this, Bumble Bees hate the smell of garlic. To make a repel mixture, you have to take some garlic pieces and soak them into the cooking oil. After this take a little bit white vinegar and add this into the mixture. Mix them properly and put this mixture into a spray bottle.

Now, what you should do? You should start spraying this mixture on the beehives but make certain you have to wear a protected cloth on your body. Also, cover the open areas of your body.


Citrus can also be used to drive away from the bees from your yards or house. You have to take some slice of citrus fruits and boil a glass of water, add these slices into the water. Take a spray bottle and put this mixture into it. And spray this mixture on the beehives, around flowers, bushes and where they are usually found.

Use of Mothballs

Naphthalene Balls or mothballs are the best homemade remedy to get rid of Bumble Bees. Now, what should do? Take some naphthalene balls and place it in your yard and hide these in plants where bees might be active like under flowers, plants, under branches, etc.

This remedy works well against bees. Bees find the smell; they will irritate and run away. If you use mothballs instead of naphthalene, then it’s okay. You can surely prevent bees from your yard using this method.

Hang bee zappers around your house

If you are finding a convenient way to get rid of Bumble Bees then you should hang bee zapper around the hives. Once a bee touches with this bee zapper, they are electrocuted and killed instantly. If you don’t want to kill bees then this method is not useful. You can restore this method at any time. A good trap to kill the bees.

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Water your garden regularly

Generally, bees like to live in dry places. They make their hives in dry and sandy soil. If you noticed any hive under or near the ground you should watering that place frequently. This would let the soil moist and wet so the bees stay away. A most inexpensive way to get rid of Bumble Bees. You can try it anytime without killing them.

Hire an Exterminator

If you don’t want to get rid of them by yourself, then you have an option to hire an exterminator. A professional exterminator can treat safely, and they might take a couple of days to sure that bees are dead.

Often, exterminators don’t remove the hive or dead bees. So take care of yourself, they charge more to provide their services.

As Bumble Bees are likely to live away from humans, they don’t make their nest where humans are active. They make their nests outside from home, they can choose yards, so if you want to get rid of them then you can select the above-mentioned method as per your preference.

Bumble Bees Facts

I told you above how to get rid of Bumble Bees and I also explained roughly about Bumble Bees now let me tell you some interesting facts about them that you may not have heard about.

  1. Like honey bees, Bumble Bees are also social insects

Bumble Bees are social insects They make hives like colonies to live. A colony is smaller than a hive having 50 to 300 bees. They usually live in dry places.

How to identify?

  • Size is about ½ to 1 inch long
  • With curly hair, appears like plump
  • They found in wooden
  • Maybe controlled using DIY clothes
  • Their hives are usually on the ground


  1. Bumble Bees’ colonies die in late fall

Queen are usually active in summer or spring. In winter, they die. Their colonies fall in winter because of moist weather.

  1. Bumble Bees do not produce honey

Unlike honey bees, Bumble bees do not produce honey. But Bumble Bees are very commercialized as traded as demand for bumble bee-pollinated berries, peppers and especially in hothouse tomatoes has skyrocketed.

  1. Bumble Bees’ wings beat 130 or more times per seconds


Because of their large size, they enable to produce a different service called “buzz pollination”. That has the advantage to produce more fruits in plants. Having large size, they produce heat so Bumble Bees can fly in daylight.

  1. Queen Bee

Among bees, there is one queen bee in every colony of them. And the queen bees live for a year. But the rest of other bees die in a few months

Some Prevent tips

Before going to keep Bumble bees away, you should cover any food item adequately in your home even in your yard.

If they sting you, then clean that place with lukewarm water.

Don’t wear dark colors like yellow, black. Wearing bright colors attract bees and other stinging insects.

The scent is also a beautiful thing to attract Bumble Bees. You should avoid strong fragrance before heading out to the yard.

You should secure your entrance by filling small holes and small openings.

Also switch off the lights at night in yards, if possible. Light attracts insects at night.


What is the best natural way to get rid of Bumble Bees?

A best option to get rid of Bumblebees from your house and yards is vinegar. It is best to repel them. How to use this vinegar as repelling bumblebees.  Take a small quantity of vinegar and water. Add this mixture and put it into a spray bottle. So, the mix is ready to get to remove bumblebees. You should spray at night to avoid the bee’s sting; it is also useful on the surrounding of flowers, bushes, trees, and plants where a chance of their hives is.

How to keep the bumble bees away?

There are so many options to keep bumble bee away. These are

  • Spicy peppermint spray
  • Vinegar spray
  • Water your garden regularly
  • Citrus
  • Garlic Hire an examiner
  • and much more methods you can use.

What kills Bumble Bees?

There are so many ways to kill Bumblebees. You can spray the homemade bumble bee killer to kill them. You can use vinegar spray, pepper spray, and many others. Moreover, you can also use these bumble killers by spraying onto plants. Don’t directly apply to spray; it will damage the plant’s tissue.

Wrapping Up

Here in this post, I discussed Bumble bees, how they look like? How to get rid of them? Facts about Bumblebees. These bees are a sign of threatened, but they usually live away from humans. So, they can’t harm you, but if in any case, they sting, then it can be painful. So, you don’t be afraid of this tiny creature you protect yourself from them if they are active near around you.

If you are searching for these queries, then this post is only for you to solve your problem.

Still, if you have any question, then you can comment below. We are to help you out. Thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned for updates!


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