How to get rid of Cluster Flies Naturally?


How to get rid of Cluster Flies NaturallyThere are a lot of people want to know the answer to this question. So, I have researched on this topic a lot to provide you with a suitable answer. Stay with me!

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Before getting rid of cluster flies naturally, we just need to analyze their nature in details otherwise we will not be able to get rid of them naturally. So, I will discuss their introduction at the start. After this, I will discuss different natural methods to get rid of them.

Cluster Flies

How to get rid of cluster flies naturally?

How to get rid of Cluster Flies Naturally?

Before addressing this question, we need to discuss their nature, weaknesses and the foods to find natural repellents to these flies.

Cluster flies can be fly in your home or office. These are large in size. You can also call them “attic flies”. These flies appear in warm days during the sunny weather.

They don’t want to fly alone but come in large numbers through your windows and doors. In my opinion, they are so annoying, irritating and everyone want to get rid of them.

The interesting fact is that they don’t eat anything from your house like clothes, furniture, foods etc. nor bite the human. Some people can think that they enter in the home due to poor situation of cleanliness but they are wrong.

They just try to find warm places. In this struggle, they enter your kitchen and you think that they just want food or can carry diseases. But you are wrong because they come to the kitchen due to the heat of your burner.

Can you identify these flies?

If you cannot you just need to stay with me for the following paragraph. If you can identify them, you can skip the following section and move forward.

The question is still on the spot that how to get rid of Cluster Flies Naturally. Just stay with me for a better understanding of the answer to this question.


They are similar to house flies inhabits but larger in size. It is horrible to know that their size can be 5 to16 inches. So, we can say that they are so long in size.

The color of these flies is another factor to identify them. So, the color is a grey little bit similar to the house flies. When they sit, you can see their wings are overlapped but the house flies do not.

Are their habits similar to house flies?

They have some similar habits not all. The life cycle is also different. Let me discuss the habits and life cycle in detail.

Cluster Flies Habits and Life Cycle

Like the other flies, they don’t lay on the foods or near the water. The female ones lay eggs on cracks in the earth. Basically, they try to find a warm environment to lay eggs that are available in the cracks.

The eggs of these flies take 3 days to become larvae. Now, the stage of larvae has started. This stage of these can last for 2 to 3 weeks.
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After 2 or three weeks, pupae emerge from the larvae. This stage lasts for 11 to 14 days. Now, the time has come to become an adult cluster fly. Adult fly starts its own life cycle. The whole life cycle can take 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

They can generate four generations for a year. The population of these flies can be different every season. When an adult fly emerges from the egg, try to find safe places especially in the mid of August.

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In the presence of the sun, they fly in open places. In the evening, these flies try to enter buildings, homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, business places, etc. through the cracks in the buildings.

Basically, they love lights so they move and fly around the lights. As you know that buildings, houses, schools, hotels etc. are the best places to provide different colors of lights so you can find them in these types of places but you don’t need to worry because they don’t lay eggs in the homes.

How to get rid of cluster flies naturally?

There can be many ways like the use of chemicals, products, and other sprays but you just need to follow the natural way because side effects can occur. Stay with me!

How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies Naturally?

These flies are annoying so everyone wants to get rid of them. As I mentioned above, you can follow many ways but the natural way can make you safe as well as your family.

Deny Access

The first step you can take to get rid of them denies their access to your home in some ways. To stop their access, you need to check all the areas of your home from where they can enter the home.

Seal Access Points

After identifying all the areas of access like cracks, holes, etc. You need to fill these areas with any type of strong material. In my opinion, silicon is the best material to fulfill cracks and holes. You can buy silicone from a market at cheap prices.

Don’t Kill

I do not recommend the killing of these insects with the use of sprays and other chemicals in the form of powders. If you use powders or sprays then they will be killed in the cracks and holes of walls and attract other insects that will love to like dead insects. So, use natural ways.

Homemade Fly Traps

If there is infestation inside your home, you have to take some direct steps to get rid of them. For this purpose, you can use homemade fly traps in front of your windows to control and kill them.

Bug Zappers

As you know that light attracts these flies. So, you just need to get benefit from their weaknesses. Switch off all the lights of your home in the night and just put a LED Bug Zapper in the hall. All flies will be attracted to the Led Bug Zapper and will be killed in one place. You need to clean that place properly after the killings of flies.

Natural Plants

There is another way you need to apply to get rid of these flies. You just need to plant some Citronella plants around or in front of your house. These plants are the best repellents to these flies.

In my point of view, prevention is better than the cure so you need to take steps before their entrance into your home. Just identify all the holes, cracks and other places from where they can enter the home. After identifying, buy a packet of silicone from the market that is available at cheap prices.

Now, the important step is the closing of cracks and holes in the walls of your house. I hope you will be successful to get rid of these flies.

These tips will be helpful for you to get rid of these cluster flies. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below, I will try to address your question as soon as possible.

How to get rid of cluster flies naturally? I hope you have founded the answer to this question properly. Keep visiting this website for more interesting posts related to insects. Thanks!


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