Life Cycle of Mosquito – How Long Do Mosquito Live?

life cycle of mosquito

There is a lot of discussion about the mosquito life cycle. If you want to become part of this discussion, you are just in the right place. I will share you the complete life cycle of mosquito in details.

A lot of scientists have researched on the life cycle of mosquito in details, how long do mosquito live?. You will be able to understand it completely. So, just stay with me!


First of all, you should know that what is the benefit to know the mosquito life cycle. If you know the mosquito life cycle properly, you can prevent them, avoid them and can save yourself and your dear ones from dangerous mosquitoes.

As you know that different types of diseases can damage you due to the mosquitoes. There is a different type of mosquitoes spread different types of germs. So, it is necessary to prevent these mosquitoes to save yourself from different diseases.

It is common to find mosquitoes outside and inside your homes. The different types of mosquitoes love different types of places to live. Some mosquitoes want to live in dirty places, some around in the pure water and some find the secret places to live.

To prevent these mosquitoes, different people use different types of chemical products available easily in the markets. You can use also attract the mosquitoes to the lighting places to kill them. So, there are different types of methods to can be used to kill them. It’s up to you that which method is easy to use for you.

Mosquito Life Cycle

life cycle of mosquito

There are four major stages in the mosquito life cycle. These four stages explain the birth to death of mosquito. If you want to know all the stages from start to end, you have to stay with me!

  • Egg (The first stage from where the life of a mosquito starts on the surface of the water)
  • Larva (The plural of Larva is Larvae. It lives in the water)
  • Pupa (The plural of Pupa is Pupae. It does not feed and the pupa is the stage before emerging the adult)
  • Adult (After the Pupa, the next stage is Adult. It flies for some time to make its body harder)

I hope that you have understood the life cycle of the mosquito. The first three of this life cycles of mosquito occurs on the surface of water or in the water. The other one stage occurs outside the water.

There are two types of mosquitoes as the human. The one is male and the other is female. Usually, the female mosquito sucks the blood of the human or other animals. The male mosquito does not suck the blood.

life cycle of mosquito

Interesting Facts

If we discuss the life cycle in details then we will find interesting facts about the mosquitoes. Let me mention these interesting facts:

  • As I told that the female mosquito bites and suck the blood, after sucking the blood of the human or any other animal, the female mosquito lays the eggs directly on the water or near to the water on the first stage of mosquito life cycle. Sometimes, she prefers the bases of plants that are filled with the water usually.
  • After laying the eggs on the water, the larva emerges from the eggs. The important question about the emergence of larva from the egg is all about the time. Everyone wants to know the emerging time of larva. So, I just want to clarify that the time depends upon the temperature of water, the type of food and the type of mosquito.
  • The larva was the second stage that lives in the water. It feeds and lives under the water that becomes a pupa with the passage of time. So, the time of emergence of pupa from larva also depends upon the temperature of water, food, and the type of mosquito.
  • The pupa exists under the water for 2 days to one week. After this stage, the adult emerges and fly to make its body hard.
  • The adult mosquito emerges on the surface of the water and flies after some time for its life cycle.

The complete life cycle takes two weeks usually but it can take 4 days to one month depending on the conditions like a temperature of water, food, and the type of mosquito.

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Mosquito Bite

The mosquito is a common species and belongs to the flying family of insects. It exists in every part of the world almost so everyone can identify it with the naked eye.

As I told earlier, the bites of mosquito can damage your health and you can be affected by the different types of diseases. So, you have to take some steps to prevent mosquitoes.

The question is that how a mosquito bites a human or animal to suck the blood from there body. The answer is very simple. First of all, you should know that the only female mosquito bites and suck the blood of the human or any animal. The mouthparts of the female mosquito are tabular shaped and very long in size.

These long tabular mouthparts allow the mosquito to bite and suck your blood. So, after biting on your body, you can be affected by the disease and especially, your immune system will become weaker. On the other side, the mosquito will lay eggs on the surface of water directly.

After biting on your body, you can see an annoying symptom occurs. You don’t need to rub your fingers or nails on the place where a mosquito has bitten. It can affect your skin and an injury can occur. So, you just need to concern with the doctor if you feel some weaknesses in your immune system.

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