Mosquito Types – What Attracts Mosquitoes

Mosquito Types

Mosquitoes are the group of 3500 species of insects. These all are included in the flying insects. So, if you are looking for the mosquito types, you are just in the right place because I am going to discuss some different Mosquito types in details.

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In this post, I will discuss the mosquito types in the start, mosquito eggs and what attracts mosquitos. So, you just need to stay with me to participate in this topic.

Mosquito Types

Mosquito TypesThere are a lot of researches from the institutes have worked on this topic. I have studied the researches from different researchers. After collecting the researches, I have reached at the point that there are 3500 species of insects related to mosquitoes.

The researches have discussed them Mosquito types in the technical point of views but I am just going to guide you about the types in simple and easy words so that you can understand all the technical and non-technical points easily.

  • House Mosquito
  • Southern Mosquito
  • Asian Tiger Mosquito
  • Yellow Fever Mosquito

These four mosquito types are famous and you can say, these four categories are the general categories of mosquitoes. Let me discuss all the mosquitoes one by one in details.

House Mosquitoes

House Mosquitoes

This is one of the common mosquito types, you can find in your houses if you are in the United States. The technical name of these mosquitoes is Culex but the researchers gave the name to these mosquitoes as house mosquitoes for the easiness of general public.

If you are in the United States, you should go to the northern sides of the United States to find this type of mosquitoes. And if you are affected by these mosquitoes at your home, you should take some prevention steps to get rid of them.

First of all, you just need to identify them to prevent them. So, if we talk about the appearance, the color of these mosquitoes is pale brown with white strips. If there is standing polluted water around you, they can be found in the polluted water easily. Remove this polluted water to get rid of house mosquitoes.

The female mosquito of this species can lay 50 to 400 eggs at one time at any place. So, it can be very dangerous because the population of these mosquitoes increases faster. These eggs usually take 1 to 2 weeks to become an adult mosquito but it can take longer depending on the conditions of weather and environment.

The important point, these mosquitoes can carry different types of viruses from one place to another. So, if you found these mosquitoes around you, just eliminate them.

Southern Mosquitoes

Southern Mosquitoes

These types of mosquitoes are common in the tropic and subtropic regions. The many physical and natural aspects of these mosquitos are similar to House Mosquitos. But there is a common difference between house mosquitoes and Southern Mosquitoes is the living place.

You can find the house mosquitoes in the northern areas but the Southern mosquitoes can be founded in the southern areas specifically in Florida.

The interesting thing researchers have found about this mosquito is the time of feeding. This mosquito feed in the night time. So, the researchers have also given the name of a nighttime feeder.

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Southern Mosquitoes

To identify this type of mosquitoes, you just have to focus on the strips. The strips of these mosquitoes are white or silver in the color.

Females mosquitoes of this group feed in the daytime. And you should know that Asian Tiger Female Mosquito is a hard biter and gives a lot of pain at the time of biting. But the male mosquitoes of this type do not bite.

The female mosquitoes lay eggs on the pure clean water. The first mosquito type was house mosquito and they lay eggs anywhere but these only lay eggs in the dirty or polluted water.

This Asian tiger was founded in the United States in 1985 for the first time. The Asian Tiger can cause yellow fever. So, you just need to take some steps to prevent them if you find around you.

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

This type of mosquito has been founded many centuries ago. And it was known as the United States Mosquito for the centuries. During the war of Spanish and American Armies, this mosquito was the major reason behind the deaths of the US Army.

When this mosquito bites the human, yellow fever affects the human badly. Yellow fever can be identified with the color of your eyes. If your eye color is yellow, you should concern with the doctor as soon as possible.

This mosquito commonly lives in the Urban Areas of Florida. If you are in the urban areas of Florida, you should be careful. And try to avoid the bites of these mosquitoes. If you face the yellow, you should take the medicine after concerns with the doctor and be careful about your food also.

I have discussed four different categories of mosquitoes. I hope you have understood all these categories because I have discussed in simple and easy words for you. If you have any question related to mosquito types, just leave a comment below.

Are you still with me?

As you know that mosquito eggs are an important part of their life cycle. So, if you want to eliminate the mosquitoes from your home and outside the home also, you have to destroy the eggs of these mosquitoes. Let me discuss in details.

Mosquito Eggs

Mosquito Eggs

For your information, the mosquitoes have two genders as humans. The first is male and the second is female. The female mosquitoes bite the humans and animals to suck the blood but male mosquitoes do not bite any human or animal to suck the blood.

After sucking the blood from the body of humans or animals, the female mosquito lays the egg on the water or near to the water directly. Take it in your mind that water is necessary to lay eggs. And the larva emerges in the water from the eggs.

So, you just need to eliminate the eggs. To eliminate eggs around you, just remove the staying water. If there is no water around you, the female mosquito cannot lay the egg around you. They will find the place where the water is available easily for them.

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The other way to kill these dangerous mosquitoes, you can attract them through their favorite dishes and destroy them by using different types of chemicals on their favorite foods. Let me discuss it in details.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Basically, the scents of foods attract the mosquitoes and they move towards these foods by following scents of that foods.

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Body Odor
  • Secretions
  • Blood Type
  • Lactic Acid

Sometimes, you have experienced that a mosquito flies around you or want to sit on your specific part of a body. Do you think? Why did mosquito fly around you? The only reason is the specific scent you have used on your body in form of perfume, cream or lotion.

As you know that we release the carbon dioxide in the form of breath and the mosquito has an attraction for the smell of carbon dioxide. So, if you find a mosquito try to sit near your nose or mouth, it means the attraction exists in the form of carbon dioxide but it is not necessary.

There can be many other resources to attract mosquitoes. Sometimes, mosquito travels towards you in the form of group. It is clear that they have all a specific attraction from you.

As you know that every human has a cube of sugar in their bodies in a specific quantity. This sugar is generated from the bacteria of different foods. The mosquito has an attraction for the smell of this sugar usually can be felt from you when you breathe. This sugar is generated by the bacteria and this is called the Body Odor.

The secretions show the blood type from your skin. So, 80% from us are secretors and mosquitoes smell the blood type of you from your skin. So, if there are a lot of mosquitoes around you, then cover your skin properly to avoid these dangerous mosquitoes.

When you eat anything, the lactic acid emitted through your skin. The mosquitoes have a lot of attraction for these types of acids. So, you just need to be careful during eating foods to avoid mosquitoes and prevent diseases.


We have discussed the Mosquito types, the eggs, and the scents that attract the mosquitoes in details. I hope you have understood all the discussion.

If you want to participate in this discussion, you just need to leave a comment below. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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