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You are just in the right place because I am going to differentiate these two nouns by their appearance, damage, behavior, and size etc. So, if you are interested in this topic then I am here to discuss it in details on the basis of different researches by the different researchers.

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At the start of this article, I will discuss the introduction to rat and mouse. After this, I will discuss the differences in terms of appearance, size, damage, and behavior. In the last, I will discuss the rat poop for your information. So, stay with me!

Rat Vs Mouse

Introduction Rat Vs Mouse

Basically, there is a family of rodents and these both mouse and rat belong to this family. If you see both of these with the casual eye, you will not be able to identify them. These are not the scientific classification to differentiate them but they belong to the same family.

The question is that why we use these two terms to call the same family members with different names. Let me discuss the answer to this question. Basically, the name “rat” is used to identify the medium-sized rodents. On the other side, the mouse is used to identify the tiny rodents.

There are different species of rodents that are known as the rats. These species are Black Rats, Norway Rats, Kangaroo Rats, African Rats etc.

As rats, there are many species of rodents known as the mouse. The mouse is also known as the mice so there are different types of mice like house mice, field mice, smoky mice, spiny mice etc.

Now, the question can be raised that about which mouse and rat you are talking. So, there can be a lot of explanations but in this article, we will discuss rat vs mouse in general point of view.

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Just stay with me because I am just going to discuss the differences in details one by one. I hope you will understand the differences easily. Keep my words!

Rat vs mouse

There can be a lot of differences between rat and mouse but some differences are major and can be identifying with the naked eyes. So, you just need to understand the differences carefully to identify the rodents at your home.

You just think that you are in a kitchen for cooking lunch. Suddenly, you see a fast-moving object on the floor and say that oh that was mouse or rat. Is there a mouse or rat? You just need to identify the differences to give the answer of the question either it was a mouse or rat.

The size of the house mouse at your home can be 2 to 4 inches in normal situations but the size of the Norway rat can be 7 to 9 inches in the length. So, it is very easy to identify the house mouse and the Norway rat at your home by their sizes.

Rat vs mouse? There are some other differences between both of them. Let me mention these differences below:


  • Large floppy ears
  • Social and territorial in nature
  • Nocturnal
  • Triangular snouts with long whiskers
  • Long and thin hairy tails
  • Produces 40 to 400 droppings per day
  • It can be white, grey or brown in color
  • Smaller, 12 to 20 cm in length including tail.
  • The weight of the mouse is 12 to 30 grams.


  • It is also nocturnal in nature.
  • More blunt snouts than a mouse’s
  • It has long tails. But the tails are hairless and scaly.
  • The color of a rat is white, grey, brown or black.
  • It produces 20 to 50 droppings per day.
  • Leaves grease marks on touched surfaces.
  • They are larger. The size is 40 cm or long according to the age of them.
  • The weight is more than the mice.

I hope you are able to identify them easily with the casual eye by their appearance now. If you have still any problem, you can leave a comment below.

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We have discussed the differences in terms of appearance. Now, I am just going to discuss the differences in terms of behavior. Stay with me!

Rat vs mouse – In Terms of Behavior

As we know, rat and mouse both belong to the category of rodents but there are differences in their behaviors.


If we talk about the boldness, the mice are bolder than the rats. Basically, the mice are more curious and try to find new things in their environment. On the other side, the rats are fearful and never try new things in their life cycle. It is difficult to catch the rats because they never come in front of you due to the fear inside them.

When we talk about the nesting of both then it is very clear that mice are more skillful to find the nest to live as compared to the rats. There is a benefit for the mice due to their size, they can live in the small holes and it is very easy for them to dig these holes. Mice are good climbers as well as the runners.

On the other side, the rates are a good climber but they have a big size and live in the big holes. So, it is easy for a human to target rats as compared to the mice. So, they try to live in the basement of houses or empty areas of houses.

Which is more dangerous? Rat vs mouse. So, to identify that which is more dangerous, we have to discuss some other factors. Let me discuss these factors.

Rat vs mouse – Who Causes More Damage?

If you have rodents at your home, they can damage in the significant amount so you have to be careful and you need to address the damage seriously.

Mouse and rat, both can destroy the wires used in the open wiring at your home. Due to this destruction, the fire can also occur at your home.

The teeth of mice are considered to be weaker as compared to the rats. So, if the food in your kitchen in the glass or metal, it means you have prevented the mice to destroy your food.

On the other side, the rats have stronger teeth and can damage your food even in the metal and the glass even they can damage the wood materials, aluminum materials, building materials etc. So, you need to take some other steps to prevent rats.

Can rodents damage your health?

Yes, they can damage your health as well as the house. The rodents can transmit different types of bacteria from one place to another and these bacteria can damage the health of a lot of people. So, you have to take some careful steps to prevent them.

There are a lot of private and government rodent removal companies and products available in the market. So, if you feel that you have a lot of rodents at your house, you just need to take some steps like calling the rodent removal company or the use of chemicals to eliminate them.

As I promised in the start to discuss the rat poop in details at the end of this article. There are a number of factors belongs to the rat poop I am going to discuss below.

Rat Poop

As you know that it is very horrible and annoying to remove the rat poop from the house. There is a big problem with the rats known as the rat poop. If you find these poops at your home then you don’t need to worry but you have to prevent them.

Rat Poop

How to Identify Rat Poop

If you have identified the rats at your home, there will be a complete latrine of these rats at your house that can spread a lot of diseases and transmit these diseases to destroy the health of a lot of people. It is very difficult to clean the area where you find the rat poop.

There are a number of steps you can use to prevent these rats. You just need to use the mask on your mouth because the rat poop can be a very harmful smell with the germs of different diseases. So, please clean up your house especially room to make yourself safe and secure.

It is very easy to identify the rat poop as compared to the poop of other animals. The rat’s droppings can be available on the floor in form of groups. The color is dark so you can identify them easily to prevent them.

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