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Kentucky Termite & Pest Control
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Kentucky Termite & Pest Control

Kentucky Termite & Pest Control

Kentucky Termite & Pest ControlThe Mark of Excellence in Pest Management

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Your Home is Your Castle GUARD IT WITH THE SERVICES OFFERED BY KENTUCKY TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL  Enjoy a pest-free home all year long by hiring the professional exterminators at Kentucky Termite and Pest Control serving New Albany, IN, and The Greater Louisville, Kentucky Region. We offer three residential treatment packages so you can have the plan that fits your needs and your budget the best. After calling Kentucky Termite and Pest Control for a free quote, we'll help identify the bugs that are infesting your New Albany or Louisville home as well as the best treatment options. Count on Kentucky Termite and Pest Control for help with a variety of insects, including: • Ants • Centipedes • Cockroaches • Millipedes • Pill bugs • Asian beetles • Mosquitoes • Rodents • Silverfish • Termite • Bed bugs • Spiders • Wasps Once we're done tackling your residential bug issue in New Albany or the greater Louisville, Kentucky region, if any activity occurs between routine visits we will come back out to handle the problem at no charge. Don't wait until your minor infestation causes major structural damage - get a free quote from Kentucky Termite and Pest Control today!


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  • <p>Protect Your New Albany or Louisville Business From Pest Invasions</p><br><p>GET A FREE QUOTE FROM KENTUCKY TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL RIGHT NOW!</p><br><p>Make sure your business in New Albany or the greater Louisville region is up to code and sanitary by counting on the professional exterminators at Kentucky Termite and Pest Control to eliminate your insect issue. Since 1938, we've helped business owners enjoy a pest-free facility thanks to our comprehensive pest control solutions. Whether you are a restaurant with a cockroach problem or bed and breakfast with a termite issue we can help you out.</p><br><p>We make the process simple and easy for you. After calling our office for a free quote, we'll identify your pest problem and design a customized commercial pest elimination program that fits you best. The great thing about choosing Kentucky Termite for your pest solutions is that we do not charge you for something that you do not need. When you choose us your pest control plan fits the needs of your business.</p><br><p>Schedule an initial consultation with Kentucky Termite & Pest Control for help with:</p><br><p>• Rats<br />• Mosquito control<br />• Spiders<br />• Ants<br />• Roaches<br />• Termites<br />• Silverfish<br />• Earwigs<br />• Wasps<br />• Bees<br />• Asian beetles<br />• Boxelder bugs </p><br><p>Whether you need a pest control program to meet business requirements or you have a minor problem with ants, you'll find professionals you can trust at Kentucky Termite and Pest Control, serving New Albany and Louisville. Get a free quote today before your business is taken over by bugs.</p>

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