Top Ten Ways to Get Rid of Asian Beetles       

Asian Beetles

Asian Beatles despite being so colorful and beautiful to naked eyes, can be an issue for the owners of the house. Everything that pleases the eyes, doesn’t please the heart and mind. Remember that, always. Asian beetles can become a complication when little insect’s movies into our houses to seek shelter during the winter season and move out once the weather outdoors is warm enough. This article is all about those tricks to get rid of Asian beetles when they chose to invade outhouse without the house owner’s permission.

What are Asian beetles?

Before heading onwards to all the tricks, let’s get to know these creatures because knowing what we are dealing with is a better strategy than just following up the guidelines on how to get rid of. Asian beetles are interesting creatures that have identical looks to ladybug, although, if you look very carefully, you might spot very few differences between them. The main difference that can be seen is the size, Asian beetles are somewhat larger more in size, their coloration ranges from red to orange and they tend to be longer in shape while ladybugs are more oval in shape. In addition to this, you may spot no black spots on Asian beetles.

Asian Beetles

Signs of infestation?

Talking about the sign of infestation, the occurrence usually occurs between the fall and then spring. The larvae can be present on plants or outdoor areas. Although, it may or may not be recognizable to adults.

Are these dangerous?

Talking about danger, Asian beetles are not that dangerous. Although, they are a nuisance. They can be opportunistic stinkers. Why has something in your house that stinks and makes your home unhygienic? Why let someone take up space in your house if they are here to make your house odor unbearable for you and your guests as well as make your house hygiene conditions a question?

There is absolutely no reason why you should not bother them. I say, read the tricks below and put them in action to get rid of these opportunistic stinkers immediately. Here are the top ten ways you can get rid of Asian beetles.

  • 1. Pest proofing

This one has to be the first and most important.

To prohibit entry of anything undesirable that can be harmful or not, it is imperative that one must take steps to ensure no one enters without your house without your permission.

Before I make this more convincing to you as to why this step is so important, I want you to imagine a scenario. Imagine, a stranger with dirty shoes and rainwater dripping from cloths entering your house. Only because, he saw the front door opened. I probably don’t need you to imagine more, do I? You certainly are not going to let this human or any other creature, roam around your house in that way. You will take steps to ensure that no one enters your house without your permission and with proper attire or hygienic conditions.

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I pretty sure, I have convinced you enough to make you seal all the cracks around your windows, doors, utility wires and pipes and vents. To be sure that nothing has a leak or hole, make sure all doors and windows are tightly fitted.

Asian Beetles

This is the first step to ensure no unwanted entries are entertained.

  • 2. No swatting or squashing

If by any chance, an Asian beetle has found an entrance to your home sweet home. Don’t panic. Please, do not. Most importantly, do not swat or squash the bug. By doing so, you will be only creating more problems and work for yourself. The reason being that you will be only staining the house of yours as well as the odor. So, sincere advice for you that avoids that at all cost. I have a better idea for you.

Instead, go for vacuuming. Good idea, right? You probably won’t have thought of it. You all have that in the house and it will save you from all the stains and that stinking odor that can be created by squashing the bug. However, make sure to clean the bag afterward. We don’t want the bag to stay dirty. As well as, by cleaning the bag, we ensure that the bug never returns back. Make sure you clear the contents of the bad somewhere far you’re your house. Also, you can freeze the bag for 3 hours that ensure the murder of the insect.

  • 3. Stick with the tape

Another smart move.  Cost effective and easily available method for all. Tapes are readily available, in fact, almost, all house owners own one or more than one. So, this quick method requires you to just stick Asian beetles with a tape whenever or wherever you may find one or two.

This method works best for limited Asian beetles. The reason being, that catching an Asian beetle and then sticking them is not an easy task, it is time-consuming as well as it can be difficult to capture the Asian beetles or narrow them down to a place, where we apply this method.

  • 4. Broom

Simple yet cost-effective method. Since all of you have a broom at home and all you have to do is pick that up and just sweep them into a dustbin. Afterward, just clear the dustbin far away from your home. You do not want the trash in that dustbin near your house, in case, it comes back alive to haunt you for the rest of your life. That was a joke, but frankly speaking, the Asian beetle might not be completely killed with the broom, so in order to take precautions, it is best to save yourself from future problems and it is safe to clear it out far away from your home. You won’t be in constant fear of the dead body to step back in your house.

  • 5. Light Traps

Also known as insect zappers. They deliver relief from the flying beetles or those crawling around on the external parts of your home with the assistant of its light source.

How this methods works, you ask? Well, what happens is that the Asian beetles are attracted to the trap and eventually zapped.

Keep this thing in mind, that do not use this light source to trap indoor Asian beetles.

This method works best where there is no other light source and the tray needs to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis or the dead bodies will keep on piling up. Another important thing to keep in mind that do not keep the trap in the open, it needs protection by an awning or other weatherized covering.

  • 6. Gardeners care

When you want to introduce advantageous insects to your garden. Be mindful. Be careful. Try not to purchase and distribute bugs from commercial sources. The reason is that they may be an Asian variety present in them. While safe are being sold, these insects might or might not have been harvesting in the wild in order to deal sale. That can be a questionable exercise. You never know.

  • 7. Non-chemical gardening methods

This strategy is way better as well as cost-effective. It aids in encouraging ladybug species to often visit your garden.

  • 8. Spray outside

Since, indoor control comes second to outdoor control, here how you can further control your environment outside your house.

Spray the out walls, trees, shrubs and any other possible location or spot that clicks your mind for the perfect spot for bugs.

If you are successful in cleaning the outdoor mess, you can sleep with ease at night, knowing that your outdoor is clean so fewer chances of anything indoor entering.

This can be a challenging and time-consuming task but can ensure you it will be a worthy one. Are you up for this?

  • 9. Spray inside

Direct spray on Asian beetles can provide you with the best and swift result. Faster than your own imagination.

One example is of Precor 2625 Premise Spray. Just spray this one on floors, wall, any possible spot for a bug and you will get the desired result. It not only kills but also, stops insect’s reproductive cycles. Thus, saving you from any future problems that can arise from the presence of these insects in your home. What are you waiting for, go, quickly buy the spray!

  • 10. Call away

Last but not least, this method is and is the most effective one since it’s the expert talking.


So, if all the above-mentioned tricks are of no use, then just hit the number of your local pest management professional (PMP) and will help create a plan to clear out the bugs for now and future. So, you would not have to worry about.

However, I am sure, the tricks mentioned about are going to make you an expert after this and your bug issue will be resolved by one of the methods.


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