What Do Crickets Eat?


If you want to know the food of crickets then you are just in the right place. What do crickets eat? There are different types of foods I am going to discuss that you can feed to crickets.

I have already discussed foods for different types of insects. So, if you are looking for the food of any other insects then you just need to visit my previous articles.

What Do Crickets Eat?

In this article, let me discuss, what do crickets eat? Stay with me!

Wha tare Crickets?

As you know that different types of insects exist in the different parts of the world. So, the crickets are one of the varieties of insects.

If someone wants to identify these crickets, he should know that the antennae and legs are very long of crickets. They make chirping sound in the night. I think it is the only sound we can listen in our houses in the night. This sound helps them to find their mates in the night.

It is interesting to know that a cricket can make four different types of sounds. They create this sound with the help of their wings rather than the chords. Basically, the wings of the crickets behave like an amplifier. These amplifiers create such a loud sound easily.

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One more interesting point about these crickets, a lot of writers have written these crickets in their books, novels, and movies as characters. “The Talking Cricket” was the character in the Carlo Collodi’s children book. You can read this book as well to know more about these insects.

So, the question is still there, what do Crickets eat?

First of all, you just need to know that some people use these crickets as the food of pets but some people keep them as their homes as pets as well. There are different types of cultures in different sides of the earth so these insects considered as the symbol of luck in some cultures.

So, if you have these insects at your home and you want to feed the best food to little and pretty crickets then you just need to stay with me. I am also going to tell you that how you can feed them as well as the what you can feed them.

What Do Crickets Eat?

In general point of view, the crickets are omnivorous. It means that the crickets can eat plants, grass, and animals as well. It depends upon the availability of food to them.

If I discuss the above lines in details to create a more proper understanding of the food of crickets then they like a root of plants specifically. They can also eat leaves, fungi etc. but the favorite dish of crickets is the roots of plants.

They live in the wooden areas secretly and it is easy for them to find the roots, leaves, and fungi in the wooden areas easily.

If they find any other insects or bugs then they really enjoy them as we enjoy the chicken, mutton, and beef at our home.

One interesting thing about their food is that if there is no food for the colony of insects then they can eat their own members of the colony that are weaker and cannot survive against the stronger crickets.

After reading the facts I have mentioned above, you can say that they are not so much conscious about their food but they can eat anything available to them easily.

If the crickets enter your house, you can find the holes in your clothes, papers, or other documents. So, you just need to be careful about this fact.

 Do you have crickets as a pet?

You just need to feed them. So, to make them happy, you just need to provide the varied food like plants, other small insects, roots of plants, grass etc. Research says that they like the varied food as humans.

They also like fruits and vegetables. So, you can feed them cabbage and lettuce as vegetables. If you want to serve with the fruits then you just need to select the apples and grains.

How to Feed Store Bought Crickets?

I hope your pets (crickets) will love these foods to eat. And they will remain happy with you. If your culture is supporting luck due to crickets then your crickets will be happy due to the foods I have mentioned. I hope you will be luckier than the past.

There are many people who buy the crickets to feed their fishes and snakes. But the store crickets do not live more than a week. So, you just need to take care of the food to make them alive.

Sometimes, people go fishing after the break of some days. So, if you want to make your crickets alive for the next fishing after the break, you just need to learn the feeding way to them.

So, what do crickets eat?

First of all, you just need to know that what they eat and want to eat. I have discussed all their foods in the above sections. But the way to feed the crickets bought from a store is different.

Because the store-bought crickets are weak due to the minimal food they have eaten in the past. So, you should be most careful about them. You just need to start with the fruit like apples. Give a slice of apple to them and they will this food and want to eat more. This wish of eating more make them strong and healthy. So, they can live more time than the average life.

Now, you can use the store-bought crickets for fishing more than one time. I hope you found the answer to your question “what do crickets eat?” and have understood all the points related to the food of pets (crickets) and store-bought crickets.

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