What Do Rolly Pollies Eat?

Rolly Pollies

Rolly pollies are the popular European insects of Woodlouse. The researchers have researched a lot on these species. I can say they are the most researched species on the earth by the scientists.

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To explore the researches about RollyPollies, you just need to stay with me! I have a big collection of researches on these species and I am just going to share with you. Let’s start with the appearance of these insects.

Rolly Pollies

Rolly Pollies

There are different types of names for these insects. Some of the popular names are Potato bug, pill woodlouse, doodlebug, carpenter, pill-bug, etc. So, if you find these names, you should understand that these are rolly pollies.

The size of these insects is 18 mm or 0.71 inches in length. And if you disturb it, they will start rolling on the surface. Due to this ability of these bugs, some researches gave the name of Pill-Bug to them. These insects are also confused with the pill millipedes. So, you should have to distinguish between these two insects by their appearance.

Where Do Rolly Pollies Live?

Basically, this is the European insects and live in Europe commonly. You can find these species in the big number in the central part of the United Kingdom. These live usually in the northern areas of England. As you know that Ireland is also the part of Europe so, Ireland is another important place for them after England.

They are also introduced in the different parts of America, especially in North America. The woods of California, America are very popular as well as the pill bugs of California. They live in California in the form of big groups.

Rolly Pollies as Pets

As you know that the appearance of these insects is not dangerous and they are not dangerous in their nature so a lot of people in different parts of the US have these insects at their homes as the pets. Children of US also love to have them as the pets in their houses. They play with these insects.

If you have these insects at your home, you have to feed them to make them alive for a long time. So, we should know the food they eat if we want to put in our house as pets. Let me discuss the foods to feed them in details.

What do Rolly Pollies Eat?

If you have a pill-bug at your home as the pet, you have to feed it. So, there are different types of foods they eat. These bugs are detritivores so they eat dead material and decaying organic matter also known as the detritus commonly.

So, the question is that what type of dead material they eat. Basically, these pill-bugs eat dead plants, vegetables, fruits, grass as well. There is a lot of benefits to having them as pets. Let me these benefits due to their foods.

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As you know that it is very difficult to destroy dead materials like vegetables, plants, fruits etc. and if we do not destroy these materials, these can be a cause of little diseases. So, we can destroy these dead materials easily if we have pill-bugs as pets in our homes. You can feed pill bugs easily and maintain your home clean from dead materials.

It is interesting to know that the pill-bugs can eat eggs laid by stink bugs. There is a lot of benefits of this food of these species. Basically, the stink bugs can damage the crops easily. People use different types of chemicals on their crops to save from Stink Bugs but if you have Pill Bugs you don’t need to use chemicals because they can destroy the growth of stink bugs.


A lot of people do not identify these insects easily. They want to know the method to identify these insects easily. So, the appearance is the most important part to identify these insects.

To identify these bugs from their appearance, there are three parts of the pill bug’s body. The first part is head, the second part is thorax, the third part is the abdomen. These bugs have 7 pairs of legs. So, you can easily identify these bugs by their appearance.

The male pill bugs are long in the length as compare to the female bugs. The antennae of the male pill bugs are also longer than the female pill bugs.

So, if you are interested to identify that either the pill bug is male or female, you have to look at the antennae of both male and female pill bugs carefully. I hope you will identify them easily.

If you found these species in your crops, you don’t need to worry and don’t kill them because these species are really beneficial for your crops. They live in the crops to eat the eggs of stink bugs. These stink bugs live in the crops to destroy and eat your crops. So, the Pill Bugs can defend the attacks on your crops.


These species live in their favorite environment and they don’t want to live in an environment which is not suitable for them to live.

Basically, they sense their environment by using their antennae. If they sense that the environment is friendly to them, they stay otherwise they move towards the other suitable environment. There are two pairs of antennae they use to sense their environment.

When these insects start crawling, the pairs of antennae become active to sense the environment. If they find the suitable environment during the crawling, they stop and live otherwise they keep crawling.

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