What is a Termite Bond? Why Do You Need it? When Do You Need it?


What is a Termite Bond? If you have contact with the officials of pest control services, it is possible that you have seen reference to termite bonds.

What is a termite bond? Why do you need it? When do you need it?

To get the detailed answers of all these questions, you just need to stay with me! There is a lot of discussion on this topic so I have researched a lot on this topic to provide the best answer.

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What is a termite bond?

termite bond

Basically, termite bond is an agreement between you and the company which is providing the services to get rid of termites. It is the same as the contract of maintenance for different products. There are two different parts of this agreement:

  1. The first part of the agreement is all about the inspection of termites as long as the life of the agreement. Usually, people make agreements with companies for years. The company follow the agreement and continue inspection on an annual or quarterly basis or as the agreement.
  2. The other part of this agreement is related to treatments and controls. In the inspection period, if the company find termites, they will provide the facility of treatments and controlling of these termites according to the agreement. According to this agreement, you don’t need to pay anything extra to get rid of termites as well as the treatment.

There are different things you can mention in the agreement like the retreatment and repair of damages of home appliances or foods. So, you have to pay money for this agreement even there are no termites in your home.

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What is a termite bond? I hope you have founded the answer to this question. If you have more questions related to termite bond, you can write below in the section of comments. I will try to provide you the best answer as soon as possible.

Now, the question is that why these bonds are necessary and what purposes are secret behind their happenings. Let me discuss this issue in details.

What Are They Used For?

Basically, if you are living in the area where termites are inspected from the companies, you need peace of mind. It is possible that termites are living in your home also. So, you just need to do an inspection on annual basis. It is very costly if you inspect them, treat them or kill them separately.

To avoid the high costs, you can do an agreement with the company on the basis of the above mentioned two parts. But if you try to do inspection and control, it is possible that termites will come back so you cannot be satisfied through this way.

Bond gives a guarantee of inspection, treatment, and control. After getting a bond, you will be satisfied and get peace of mind as well.

There are different benefits to this bond you can get in the future. If you are going to sell your home, the buyer can ask for the termite bond. If there are a lot of termites in your home and you have not a bond then the buyer can reduce the price of the home or never want to buy this home.

There are many other services you cannot get easier if you don’t have a termite bond. If you are trying to get the loan from the bank on your home then the manager of the bank can ask for the termite bond Basically, we have found that termite bond is the security of your home, money, health, mind as well.

What is a termite bond? what are they used for? We have discussed these two questions. Now, the question is that who provides termite bonds. Stay with me!

Who Provides Termite Bonds?

There are different certified companies provide these bonds. Before getting a bond, you just need to clear either the company is certified or not. If the company is certified then make an agreement in the form of a bond without any tensions.

When Do I Need One?

There is no specific time to plan for a bond but there are some situations in which you need to buy this bond. For example, if you have inspected the infestation at your home, you just need to buy this bond without any gaps and delays.

On the other side, if you want to sell your house, the bond makes the buyer comfortable to buy your home. Before selling the home, it is better to get the bond from the certified company. So, the selling of house and inspection of infestation at your home are two best times to plan for a bond.

How Much Company Does Cost?

There are two types of costs. The first type for the residential areas and the other for the commercial areas. So, if you are going to plan for a bond for your home then they can charge $700 to $1000 initially. But this is not the fixed cost and your cost will decrease to $300-$400 if they don’t find any termite during the inspection. So, you have to prepare for worst.

Interesting Points

There are two types of bonds:

  • Transferable
  • Non-Transferable

The transferable bond can be transferred to a new owner of the home after selling the home. On the other side, the non-transferable bond cannot be transferred to the new homeowner but the new owner needs to renew the bond.

So, the important thing is that you should buy the transferable bond from the termite company. It will increase the value to your property. The buyers of properties love to get properties like homes, shops, hotels, etc. with the transferable bonds.


There are no hard efforts needed to get the bond from the certified company. With the little efforts, you can get the value to your home. You can also get the peace of mind. Keep visiting this website for more interesting posts related to insects. Thanks!


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