White Roaches Danger and Control

white roaches

White Roaches are annoying. Do you want to get rid of them? You are just in the right place because I am just going to discuss some natural ways to get rid of them. Stay with me!

In this article, I will discuss the introduction to White Roaches, species, bites, treatments, prevention methods etc. in details. So, stay with me to get detailed information about this insect.

White Roaches

White Roaches

There are more than 4600 species of cockroaches. 30 species out of 4600 belongs to the Human Habitats and four of these species are known as pests.

What are White Roaches?

Basically, the color of newborn cockroaches remains white for few hours after their birth. They are many other species known as the yellow cockroach, pink cockroach, grey cockroach etc. so, if you want to know about these species, visit my previous articles.

What does happen after a few hours?

With the passage of time, their body becomes hard and they get their original color of cockroaches. So, there is no need to think separately about them but they are cockroaches, they have the same behavior as cockroaches.

The commonplace to live for them is your house. They want to live in kitchens, washrooms, and rooms under the furniture in dark places.

Are they dangerous?

It is necessary to know that 37% of children are allergic to these cockroaches at your home. Is it serious? You have to be serious to provide a peaceful life for your children. But you don’t need to worry at all because we have a solution for you.

There are different methods to get rid of them, follow one of these steps at your home. Some of these ways are related to the uses of products contain chemicals. If there are little children at your home, don’t use the products that contain chemicals but prefer the natural ways.

Before getting rid of them, we have to understand their life cycle to stop the life cycle. In my opinion, prevention is best than treatment. So, you have to break their life cycle to get rid of them.


White Roaches Life Cycle

Do you know?

The other name for these cockroaches is Albino. Basically, the White Roaches are the larvae which emerge from the egg directly.

The larvae stage is the second stage of their life cycle after the successful laying of eggs.

Do you want to identify cockroaches at the stage of larvae?

It’s not difficult because the color of their body remains white for the first few hours after their birth. So, if you find a cockroach in the white color, it is a larva.

The second stage of these cockroaches also known as the nymph. All nymphs follow the specific type of process to become an adult cockroach. This process is known as molting.

Different types of species of cockroaches take a different amount of time to become in their original color. It can take hours to days depending on their species.

Do you want to identify White Roaches?

The white color is not the only thing to identify them but you can also identify them through their soft skin. They are vulnerable due to their soft skin.

Now, the interesting thing about these cockroaches is the change in the color of their bodies. Basically, the color of their bodies can be white, off white, cream, dark cream, etc. depending on the time, they have spent after their birth.

After ending the softness of their bodies, they become hard and the color of their bodies becomes traditional. The traditional color of cockroaches is brown or dark brown.

The conditions where they grow also matter in the amount of time to grow. If the environment is suitable for them, they grow faster otherwise they can consume a lot of time to adjust to the environment.

Why Are They Dangerous?

As I told earlier, there is no specific type of White Roaches but it is a collective name for all cockroaches in the larvae stage. Some problems can occur due to these White Roaches, so we need to be careful. These problems are:

  • They are best to carry diseases to humans and pets. If the life cycle of cockroaches is happening, they are dangerous for you and your family.
  • They are hungry all the time and try to find the food at your home. So, if you have some food at your home, put in the cabins for safety purposes.
  • They are also experts to damage your house.

I hope you will not face these problems if you take some prevention steps to get rid of them. Let me discuss this in detail.

They can shed for more than one time during their life cycle. So, thee shedding skins of their bodies can be dangerous for your children because these skins cause allergic reactions.

If you have found them in your house, you don’t need to waste your time, just take some steps to get rid of them. I am just going to mention some simple and easy steps for you.

If there are no cockroaches at your home, take prevention steps and don’t allow them to enter your house.

We have founded, they are dangerous to carry diseases and spread allergic reactions in humans and pets also.

There are some diseases can occur in your body due to these roaches:

  • Cholera
  • Respiratory infections
  • Typhoid
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Pneumonia
  • Leprosy
  • Salmonella (food poisoning)
  • Clostridium
  • Streptococcus
  • Staphylococcus
  • Infectious hepatitis B
  • Diarrhea

If there was an infestation of these roaches at your home, you have to concern with your doctor for some reports to detect one of the above diseases to treat otherwise there will be a serious problem for you in the future.

Control of Cockroaches

To control these cockroaches efficiently, some struggle and efforts are required from you. As I told, there is the number of species of cockroaches. All the species have different types of habits, nature and active timings.

So, it is necessary for you to study them in detail to control them.

What do you need to learn?

There are some important things you can learn about them. These things are:

  • First of all, you should learn about their habits.
  • After studying their habits, you have to find them.
  • If you find some cockroaches at your home, just wash, clean or dust them out form your home.
  • They are very attracted to foods, water, and garbage. So, store foods, water, and garbage on safe places from cockroaches.
  • They love humidity. This environment is available for them in the kitchens and washrooms. Solve all the problems related to humidity to get rid of them.

Now, I have a plan to share with you. I hope will be satisfied after getting the plan to apply against the cockroaches at your home.

Control Plan

Two simple steps you can follow to apply the control strategy against them. These two steps are:

Step 1: Sanitation


First of all, inspect them by applying inch to inch formula. This formula tells to check the area inch to inch. If you follow this method to inspect them, you will never miss them.

Apply Power Washer

After the inspection, the time has come to wash them with the pressure of water. If you can apply the water on them with the pressure, they will lose their balance.

Hide Visible Food

If there is poor sanitation of your home, be ready to welcome unknown guests at your home. White Roaches love to eat food if available. So, you have to hide your foods in safe cabins.

Just identify and stop the leaking pipes. Store the food on safe places in your kitchen and don’t provide the humidity to them.

The other important thing is the garbage that attracts them. So, don’t put garbage in your dustbins for a long time but clean these dustbins on a daily basis.

Individual Control

Now, time has changed because this is the era of technology. So, there are different cleaners you can use to get rid of them during the cleaning process of your home.

There is a lot of machinery at your home like washing machines, computers, TVs, etc. So, these are the best places for them to live and enjoy their lives. You have to use some driers to clean your machinery on a daily basis with the pressure of air.

Now, you have to stop their way from which they enter your home. Yes! You have to fulfill all the cracks and holes in your walls to stop their way.

Basically, they want to live in secret places so, the best secret place for them is your home. They don’t enter the home from the main door but they find the secret cracks in walls to get access to your house. You can fulfill these cracks and holes with the use of silicone available in the market at cheap prices.

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The early hours of cockroaches are known as the white roaches. So, you don’t need to be confused between both of them. If you have any question in your mind, leave a comment below.

For pink roaches, grey roaches, and yellow roaches visit my previous articles.


There is no medical advice or suggestion for you but this is just information on the basis of different researches. So, don’t follow this information as medical advice. For medical advice, visit the hospital to concern with the doctor.


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