Why are there snails on my house? How to Get Rid of Them


If you are looking for the answer to this question, you just need to stay with me. There are a number of facts behind the snails on your house I will share with you on the basis of my research.

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In this article, I will discuss the reasons behind the stay of snails in your house. In the end, I will discuss, how to get rid of them. So, you have to stay with me!



A snail is a loose term for specific types of insects. There are different types of snails on the earth but the scientists gave the name snail in a general point of view.

These different types of snails are:

  • Freshwater Snail
  • Land Snail
  • Sea Snail

These different types of snails eat different types of foods. You need to know about the foods of snails before moving forward because the food can be the major reason behind the stay of snails on your home.

Freshwater Snails

Freshwater snails live in freshwater and eat dead fishes. If there is a place with the freshwater around your home, you can find them. If you want to get snails as pets, you must feed them dead fish to make them alive.

Land Snails

The other type of snails is “land snails”. These snails don’t live in the freshwater but they live on the land and try to find the places near the trees and plants to live. They eat grass, roots of plants and trees, etc. If there are some plants on the lawn, you can easily find them.

Sea Snails

Sea snails live in the sea as it is clear from its name. They are stronger than previous ones due to their long traveling for the food from one place to another. Basically, these are hybrid snails because they can eat roots, plants, grass, and dead fishes as well.

Why are there snails at my house?

You don’t need to wait to find the answer to this question because I am just going to discuss the answer in detail for your better understanding.

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Why Are There Snails on My House?

There can be many reasons behind the stay of snails on your house but three reasons are major. These three reasons are:

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Low Light

These are three reasons to create a specific type of environment that is suitable for snails to live. This type of environment exists in houses and offices mostly. So, I can say that moisture, humidity and low light attracts them to live in your house.


Moisture exists in the bathroom on a permanent basis so the snails live in the bathrooms mostly but you don’t need to worry if you have snails in your bathroom because I have some prevention methods for you. But you have to notice the moisture in your house and try to remove it as much as possible.


Basically, snails hate the light of the sun. The existence of the sun removes the humidity from the environment. So, the snails try to find humidity to live. In this struggle, they find your rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. because sunlight is not available in these places. So, it is a heaven for the snails to live.

Low Light

Low light is another attraction for snails to live. They don’t find low light on the outer side of your house but they find low light in your rooms. So, they move from outer sides to low light areas. Basically, they live cloudy weather because the cloudy weather contains all these reasons.

I hope you have understood all the reasons behind the stay of snails on your house, you just need to take steps to remove all these reasons to get rid of these snails. But if you are looking to keep snails as pets, you just need to provide this specific type of environment.

Do you want to get rid of snails?

There are some simple and easy steps to get rid of these snails. I am going to discuss the prevention steps, not the treatment steps. So, read carefully to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of them?

There are some simple tricks will help you to get rid of them. But you have to apply one of these tricks to get rid of these annoying snails.

Use Products

There are a number of readymade products available in the malls and stores to buy. You have to buy one of the best products to kill snails.

Take it in your mind that only buy the product which is claiming the natural components. Basically, the refined chemicals can destroy your health also. So, you need to be careful.

Use of Copper

There are different types of natural things that can help you to get rid of snails. Copper is the best natural repellent of snails. So, you can use the copper tape around the plants to repel the snails in your garden.

Change the Time of Gardening

If you have some plants at your home, just give water them in the morning instead of afternoon or evening. If you spray the water on your plants in the morning, then the moisture of plants cannot attract the snails.

Egg Shells

After boiling or frying the eggs, you need to gather the shells of eggs. Just crush these shells of eggs and put them around the plants. These shells of eggs are the best repellents of snails.

Use Coffee

It is common that people throw away the extra coffee are wasted coffee after the specific events or parties but you don’t need to through away now. Just feed the coffee to your plants and save them from the snails. It is the best repellent of snails can repel them easily.

Why are there snails on my house? How to get rid of them?

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