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Earwigs have a misconception they are dangerous insects. They name the earwigs based on different origins. Some believe earwig is a name derived from European language where they called it ear wiggler or earworm. The earwigs have also gained fame from the historic movies where they are dangerous. People usually fear that earwig bite commonly appears. However, this is not true most of us cannot distinguish between earwig bite and mosquito bite.

EARWIGS BITEAccording to medical science, they also believe it that earwigs can burrow themselves in the brain, ears or other body parts causing danger. It is because of this reason that earwigs are cryptic insects which you should keep far from one’s place.


Earwigs are the insects which belong to Dermaptera species. They are miniature sized bugs which are creepy. The earwig’s length varies between 5 to 25mm. They have pincers and the pair of wings which makes them appear scary. The earwigs are nocturnal creatures. They are most active during the nighttime. They are omnivorous creatures and feed on plants and other insects. The earwigs are insects with black or brown color. They have orange or red markings on their body.


Earwigs have forceps or pincers which protrude through the abdomen. The earwigs use these pincers to capture their prey which aids in reproduction and defense for the predaceous species. People usually wonder that earwigs might bite or not. They use pincers for defense but if someone agitates them they make use of forceps. The earwigs have biting mouthparts that are forceps but they do not sting or bite which most of the insects are famous for. Adult males with large forceps are famous for biting the humans but they do this on rare occasions. The earwigs only bite the humans if you disturb an earwig’s activity or if you are planning to catch them.


You will feel a slight pinch or pain when the earwigs use forceps for biting. The earwigs do not release the venom in a human’s body and rarely pinch the skin. The earwigs bite cause slight pinch and discomfort even if it breaks the skin. Once the earwigs bite an individual, it breaks the skin on rare occasions and some blood oozes from the wounds. You should remember earwig bite can cause infections because they live in the soil so be careful about that.


The earwig bite has different symptoms when compared to the mosquito bites. The symptoms of earwigs vary from person to person and it all depends on the immune system. Some individuals do not show proper symptoms linked with earwig bite neither any bite marks. While other individuals show proper earwig bite marks and symptoms.

Commonly found signs and symptoms include:

  • Two reddish bite marks over the skin surface distant from each other.
  • A strong bite from earwig can break the skin, resulting in some blood flow.
  • Someone might see inflammation and redness with the earwig bite
  • You can feel itchiness around the earwig bite
  • Infection can spread from the bite mark if you don’t follow immediate measures.
  • You can also undergo cellulitis where infection spreads towards the surrounding area. It causes the skin to become red, swollen and hot compared to other body parts.



Earwigs have pincers and forceps which protrude from the abdomen. They appear dangerous but that’s a misconception. Earwigs grasp the fingers with the help of forceps once you agitate them. However, the earwigs do not sting. They release none poisonous or venom material into the person’s skin. Bedbugs and mosquitoes bite people but earwigs bite on rare occasions. Other insects use stinger for biting the humans where they release venom. These insects use venom for defense and to attack the prey. Earwigs do not sting because they lack venom, poison sack or stinger. They are not dangerous to humans.

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If you feel a pinch on your skin that breaks it, then perform the first aid measures.

  • Wash the affected earwig bite area with soapy water.
  • Now use a disinfectant for cleaning the area with the help of alcohol. Earwigs are insects that stay in the soil, due to which they can cause infections.
  • Apply ice pack over the affected earwig bite area which reduces the swelling, lowers inflammation and redness linked with the bite.
  • If you feel itchiness after the application of icepack, apply an anti-itch, skin ointment cream over the wound.
  • They advise it to clear the infections as soon as possible. If you observe an open sore or cut within the skin and there is a break in the skin. Use antibiotic cream or lotion for antibacterial effects such as Neosporin. It allows the wound to heal quickly.
  • You need to consult the doctor if the symptoms are worse or you cannot manage them at home.


Prevent the earwig bite by following these simple measures:

  1. Keep your area neat and tidy which prevents the infestation of earwigs.
  2. Dispose of the decaying plants because earwigs attract to such plants.
  3. Close all your windows and doors at night time because earwigs are nocturnal animals.
  4. Make use of boric acid in entrances and door slits to prevent the infestation of earwigs.
  5. If you observe earwigs at your place, use a vacuum cleaner to dispose of
  6. Make use of chemical sprays regularly which helps in keeping all the bugs out of your place.


Earwigs are only dangerous to garden plants. This depends on the earwig species because some of them feed over the seedlings. Other than that there are no significant injuries caused by earwigs which need an emergency treatment plan.


Follow these simple preventive tips mentioned above to keep your house free from earwig infestation. In case you experience earwig bite follow the first-aid measures immediately to get rid of infections.


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